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Career Assessments for Counselors

The SkillScan Solution

SkillScan will help your clients identify their transferable skills - the essential building blocks for every stage of career development; from planning a first career to making a transition to self-marketing in the job search.

Ideal Client Populations

  • College-bound high school students
  • 2-year and 4-year college students
  • Graduate students and PostDocs
  • Adults in transition
  • Corporate employees
  • Individuals preparing for retirement

The Assessments


A fast, engaging and comprehensive online skills assessment.

Clients receive a detailed and expansive report of client strengths, career options, development suggestions and more.

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SkillScan Express: Career Aptitude and Skills Test

An accelerated and streamlined online skills assessment designed for mobile devices.

Clients receive a condensed report for applying strengths to decision making, exploration, development and the job search.

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Advance Pack 2.0: A hands-on, physical card sort tool for assessing transferrable skills.

Clients receive a detailed personal profile of strengths to increase personal clarity.

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All formats are uniquely designed to help your clients:

  • Gain immediate insight into their strengths, the skills they enjoy using and the skills they are motivated to develop
  • Learn how to transfer their skills to new tasks, different job functions and a variety of career options
  • Identify skills to develop for professional growth and career mobility
  • Articulate and leverage their strengths in resumes and interviews
  • Increase self-awareness and confidence in career decision-making

The SkillScan System

  • Integrated Self-Assessment: Integrate client skills with Holland-based interests, Jungian-based personality themes and SkillScan's Values assessment to deepen understanding of core preferences
  • Online System Portal: Administer online formats using your account for easy delivery to clients and immediate access to client results.
  • Learning Center/Resources: Provide your clients with free online resources including assessment coaching forms (fillable PDF’s), links to useful websites to support exploration, skill development and the job search.
  • Training: Register for free online introductory webinars and in-depth SkillScan trainings with a certification option to enhance your career coaching toolkit.

Validity and Reliability: SkillScan is an intuitive-based, holistic assessment process in which the user makes decisions about his or her skills based on unique life and work experiences, feedback and preferences. The resulting report has high face validity because the results reflect the user's selections.

SkillScan Drive: Career Aptitude and Skills Test

Help clients drive their careers!

Give your clients a comprehensive and streamlined online transferable skills assessment. Within minutes, your client will receive a personalized report and gain critical insights into their unique strengths.

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Counselors, Coaches and Organizations can purchase grantable uses for shared online access to each client’s Drive report. The personalized report includes:

  • Personal Skill Chart – a detailed view of strengths and preferences in 6 broad areas of strength
  • Skill Set Portfolio – a portrait of specific strengths within 4 broad areas of strength
  • Career Guides – suggested career and educational options that optimize the person’s unique skill sets
  • Skill Development – a profile of high potential skills, skills the individual is motivated to develop (with suggested development ideas)
  • Strategic Skill Portfolio – an at-a-glance view of the most marketable skills to enhance focus and exploration
  • Next Steps – personalized career development strategies for different career stages: Launchers, Transitioners, Advancers and Retirees

Reading Level: 9th grade reading level

Time to Complete: Allow 15 minutes

Technical Requirements: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge Browser

SkillScan Express: Career Aptitude and Skills Test

SkillScan Express is an accelerated and streamlined online skills assessment that provides individuals with a concise profile of their transferable skills and preferences.

Sample Client Report

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The full color report features a profile of client strengths, skills targeted for development and top career matches with links to career information in O*Net. Individuals gain personalized strategies and supplemental resources for their stage of career development.

The personalized report includes:

  • Your Skill Summary: Overview of the individual's top 4 skill categories (competencies), individual skills and skill sets.
  • Your Skill Set Profile: A summary of the client's strongest 6 skill sets; specialized areas of strength.
  • Your High Potential Skills: Skills identified as moderate proficiency and high enjoyment; important for personal growth and development.
  • Your Top Career Matches: Career and educational matches that capitalize on the individual's greatest strengths.
  • Your Next Steps and Resources: A roadmap of exercises and resources to support client career development.

Reading Level: 9th grade reading level

Time to Complete Assessment: Allow 10 - 15 minutes - Express was designed to work on mobile devices

Technical Requirements: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge Browser

SkillScan Advance Pack 2.0: Career Assessment

Advance Pack 2.0

Advance Pack 2.0 is a counselor-directed card sort skills assessment. The hands-on nature of this card sort provides an engaging experience that provides tangible evidence of client strengths.

This confidence building assessment has been in use for over 30 years by thousands of organizations and practicing career counselors in the U.S. and Canada

Sample report - page 1

Sample report - page 2

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Advance Pack 2.0 includes:

  • Card Deck - 2.0 (2018) – includes 60 transferable skill cards that group into six major skill categories/competencies. Clients sort the cards for proficiency and preference level and for skill development.
  • Advance Pack Assessment Report – a full-color 11" by 17" form to record results.
  • Advance Pack Facilitator’s User Guide (Download or CD Rom) – an extensive manual for administering and applying results to client career needs in four main stages of career development: Assess, Explore, Develop and Promote. Includes over 90-pages of reproducible exercises and illustrations for client and workshop use.
  • Supplemental Training – Power Point Presentation (Download or CD Rom) for administering Advance Pack in workshops.

Reading Level: 10th grade reading level

Time to Complete Assessment: 50 minutes for the full process or 20-30 minutes for a fast sort

See what our users are saying...

The online assessment was simple and easy to use and navigate. It definitely put my strengths and weaknesses in perspective for me. I know what I need to and can work on in order to expand my horizons.