What Customers are Saying

Community Career Services

Cathy Cope

"As a business who helps both job seekers and career changers, we love using SkillScan with our clients. Hundreds of these clients have been able to easily identify their strengths as well as skills that need some improvement. This information is crucial to resume writing and prepping for an interview with easy-to-understand results of the assessment. Additionally, career options are identified in direct correlation to their strongest skillsets in a variety of sectors. SkillScan is definitely one of our core assessments to help clients achieve their employment goals."

- Cathy Cope, Employment Advisor/Facilitator, Watton Employment Services

Julie Ford

"Why I love SkillScan: Simply put, it works every time with any population, and everybody always loves it! Most of my clients are people who have physical and/or mental disabilities, and SkillScan is a great equalizer. Everybody feels empowered by it because, sometimes for the very first time, they recognize that they have skills, and, not only that, they now have a vocabulary to talk about what they are good at and enjoy doing. I love the way it engages people in the career exploration process, particularly my clients, who are so used to having their barriers to employment addressed first. I see them begin to think of themselves in new ways. SkillScan allows me to gain useful insight into my clients, and it is a powerful facilitator that allows me to "meet my clients where they are."

- Julie Ford, M.A., Sr. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, ORP, CA. Department of Rehabilitation