What Customers are Saying

Individual Clients

"After I was laid off from my job in July, SkillScan was a really great tool that helped me reassess my strengths and skills. What was unique about it was it not only confirmed the skills I thought I excelled in, but presented additional results that I wouldn’t have even considered if I hadn’t taken the assessment. Easily digestible, clear, concise, and informative, SkillScan was absolutely worth it!"

- Natalie R., Client of Lesah Beckhusen

"This assessment is accurate, it has assisted me with narrowing my scope, and has given me data to promote my skills!"

- UCSD Employee

"I learned about my transferable skills from taking the Online Assessment in a Find Your Focus workshop at Haas. The workshop provided a lot of assessment tools and promoted deep thought about career choices. The handouts helped organize and pull everything together."

- Haas MBA Student

"The online assessment was simple and easy to use and navigate. It definitely put my strengths and weaknesses in perspective for me. I know what I need to and can work on in order to expand my horizons."

- Kevin Klotz, IT Professional

"Thanks for providing me with a test drive. The Career Driver is a great assessment tool. It was easy to use and provides a great tool for resume writing."

- Pyllis Fryzel