What Customers are Saying

Employee Development

Jan Cummings

"I have successfully used SkillScan assessments with clients of all ages, career stages and in a variety of professions for over 25 years. Clients’ experience a combination of new awareness and practical ways to reposition their skills and experience for a new job or career."

- Jan Cummings, MS CCC BCC, Career Development Coach, Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust

David Reile

"Our company has been using SkillScan for decades. We use it with private and corporate clients alike. Everyone expresses the usefulness and helpfulness of the results. The online version makes it incredibly easy to work with clients via video. We have also found great benefit in group settings using the card decks and worksheets. We recommend SkillScan to other coaches and counselors working with students through pre-retirees. We can’t say enough positive things about SkillScan! "

- David M. Reile, PhD, PCC; Managing Director, Career Development Alliance

"When our learners are unsure about their career goals, they take the SkillScan assessment to gain clarity about their strengths and work with their counselor to explore best-fit options."

- Career Counselor, SEIU-UHW and Joint Employer Education Fund