What Customers are Saying

Private Practice

Rebecca Babcock

"As a holistic Executive/Life Coach, SkillScan has allowed me to offer next-level holistic service for my clients in career transition or clients who simply want to boost their confidence and highlight their skills in their current role. SkillScan is both extremely straightforward and in-depth and I highly recommend it!"

- Rebecca Babcock, CEO/Founder Rebecca Babcock Coaching

Kim Bilawchuk

"Love using the new Drive assessment with my clients. The report content flows well. The formatting of the Personal Skill Chart is very detailed and easy to interpret. I particularly find the Strategic Skill Profile that showcases the client's dominant skills a useful tool to use in personal branding."

- Kim Bilawchuk, Career Coach in Private Practice

Susan Boush

"I was able to take a client through his results just days after finishing the Get Acquainted with Drive webinar. With the notes I took, it was extremely easy to cover things in a good time span and in a way that the client understood and also agreed with his results. I always use values and Holland Code so appreciate the worksheet for doing the comparison. Drive is really great!"

- Susan Boush, Career Advisor, Private Practice

Zachary Cochran

"SkillScan Drive is an exceptional tool. I love how it is multi-faceted and that I can use it to help my clients in any context they find themselves: pre-career launch, early career, mid-career, or beyond. I lean on the Career Guides section with career launchers and those redesigning their careers, and I use the Skill Development section to help new managers or mid-career professionals know how to keep advancing along their preferred path. SkillScan has put together a truly valuable, insightful, and excellent resource for high schools, colleges, career coaches, leadership coaches, and executive coaches and I plan to use it for many years to come."

- Zachary Cochran, Cochran Coaching LLC

Linda Greenfield

"As a career coach in private practice, SkillScan has been an invaluable addition to my toolbox, as I work with clients of various ages, stages, and industries. It helps my clients not only visualize their top skills, but with the Career Guide, see how those skills are transferable to different jobs in different industries. The click-throughs to O*NET make it easy for them to start their exploration!"

- Linda Axelrod Greenfield, MS, MBA, CMCS

Jamie Johnson

"I have used SkillScan since I was a graduate student. SkillScan helps clients to see aspects of themselves in ways other assessments are unable to reveal. It also supports and confirms psychometrically measured instruments like the Strong and MBTI. You can successfully use it with a variety of ages and backgrounds. I love SkillScan and highly recommend it."

- Jamie Johnson, Career Counselor, Paths2Take, Private Practice

Jane McHale

"I have used the SkillScan cards and profile for years and moved to the online version as soon as it was released for ease of use and detail of results. Most recently, I switched to the Drive assessment. I think it's great - easy to comprehend, very professionally presented and the occupations are much more interesting than the Strong or the Holland Occupations. Having them broken down into industry is so helpful showing a client how many industries their skills can transfer. I use it both for internal and external career coaching and training. This is an assessment that is consistently updated to reflect new titles and current occupational trends. As a practitioner, I value this highly!"

- Jane McHale, Career and Executive Coach / Instructor

Jeff Rothman

"I discovered SkillScan a few years ago and have incorporated it into my career coaching practice. My coaching services are for career transitions at mid-life and beyond. The report SkillScan generates is robust, and the website contains a wealth of resources for coaches and a ton of exercises I can share with my clients."

- Jeff Rothman, Career Coach