What Customers are Saying

Higher Education Institutions

Kimberly Bilawchuck

"I administered SkillScan to my class of sophomore plastics engineering students today. The students loved it! One said he didn't realize he had so many skills. Another said he now had words to use to describe his experience when introducing himself to someone professionally. Even those who had a lot of skills yet to develop were excited to record them all in one place. It was a great confidence booster!"

- Kimberly Bilawchuck, Career Counselor/Adjunct Faculty, UMass Lowell

Jayne Hayden

"I have been using SkillScan for many years, beginning with the original card sort, which I used in a large career development course on our campus. Students loved the tactile aspect of this sorting process and often expressed surprise or reassurance at the results: they always learned something valuable. Since then, I’ve used the online versions during appointments as well as for online professional development courses for co-op and non-co-op students alike. The ease of use, coupled with the quick results and accompanying reports and connected resources have all greatly helped students (and alumni!) deepen their understanding of their unique skills and, ultimately, of themselves. Whether to help in the career planning process or to acquire the vocabulary to strengthen a work search, it is, quite simply, a remarkable tool!"

- Jayne Hayden, Career Advisor, University of Waterloo

Kerri Latham

"Our career counseling team has used SkillScan Drive and the in-person card sort with university students and alumni for several years now, and it is an integral part of our career counselor toolbox. I was using the card sort with a student just the other day and the tactile nature, sorting process, colors to help categorize, and conversation about those skills were instrumental in helping the student realize some of their favorite skills that were being ignored. The student was re-connected with a lost part of themselves. I am a huge fan of SkillScan!"

- Kerri Latham, Lead Career Counsellor, Student Success Centre, McMaster University

Rachel Lindsey

"For over twelve years, SkillScan has been George Mason University Career Services’ trusted companion in guiding students and alums through their career paths. From novices embarking on their professional journeys to seasoned professionals seeking advancement, this tool has been instrumental in assessing transferable skills with precision and insight. Utilized both in individual appointments and as a core component of our career preparation courses, SkillScan has consistently delivered tailored guidance, helping individuals identify their strengths and capitalize on them effectively. As we look back on over a decade of collaboration, we remain indebted to SkillScan for its role in shaping the career trajectories of our students and alums."

- Rachel Lindsey, Assistant Director for Career Education, George Mason University

Jillian Perkins-Marsh

"I have been using SkillScan for the past 8 years, both the physical version and the online version. It is my go-to resource for clients who could benefit from understanding how their skills fit into their career design. I am continually amazed by how many ah-ha moments arise in the conversations that follow!"

- Jillian Perkins-Marsh, Alumni Career Counsellor, McMaster University

Sanaz Nabati

"I have been using SkillScan with both my clients at UCLA and as a private career coach. First and foremost, the customer service is amazing and very attentive to my emails. The assessment is very helpful to both students through mid career professionals that I have used. The report provides insightful information regarding careers and the ideal skills used making it easy for the counselor to interpret with clients and for clients to utilize when conducting career research. It has great resources for both clients and counselors including a Values assessment that I utilize with clients all the time. Additionally, they have regular webinars to train you on utilizing the assessment which is a great added bonus. As far as pricing, it is very affordable and it does not require an added membership fee. I highly recommend the utilization and investment in this assessment for both institutions and private coaches."

- Sanaz Nabati, M.S.Assistant Director for Undergraduate Education and Development