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All SkillScan tools provide a fast, interactive and intuitive-based process for identifying transferable skills – knowledge essential to targeting appropriate career options, college majors and training programs. SkillScan also features a system for integrating skill results with other traditional interests, values and personality inventories to provide a holistic picture of client career patterns. SkillScan is instrumental in career counseling to help clients develop skill-based resumes and cover letters and prepare for interviews. SkillScan users gain a competitive edge in a tight job market.

SkillScan Express (2014)

SkillScan Express: Career Aptitude and Skills Test

SkillScan created SkillScan Express, an interactive online career assessment that can be completed on mobile devices, and offers a new, streamlined assessment and report format.

Career Driver Online (2009)

career driver

SkillScan created Career Driver, an interactive online career assessment that offers the Advance Pack skill lexicon and a comprehensive report for:

  • Career Launchers, Transitioners and Advancers
  • Job Seekers – developing skill-based self-marketing documents such as resumes and cover letters

Advance Pack (2005)

SkillScan Advance Pack: Skills Test Tool

SkillScan released Advance Pack, a skills assessment tool designed to meet the needs of the well-educated client.

SkillScan Online (1998)

SkillScan released its first online assessment, SkillScan Online: Have Skills, Will Travel. This online version provided a self-directed experience that clients could access remotely and at their convenience. It has been replaced by our new career aptitude test, Career Driver (described above).

See what our users are saying...

I have administered SkillScan primarily to high school and college students. In the time that it normally takes a student to attend a lecture, a student can instead walk away from a SkillScan session with an understanding of his or her primary skill sets and the careers that utilize those skills. There is a strong emphasis on skill development and transferable skills which helps prepare students for today's competitive market place. I recommend this tool without reservation.