Company Overview

SkillScan was created in 1984 by Career Coach and Company President and Developer Lesah Beckhusen. All SkillScan assessment tools provide a fast, interactive and intuitive-based process for identifying transferable skills – critical knowledge for discovering relevant career options, college majors and training programs as well as practical ideas for developing skills.

Versatile –SkillScan features a system for integrating skill results with other traditional interests, values and personality inventories to provide a holistic picture of client career patterns. SkillScan is instrumental in career coaching to help clients develop skill-based resumes and cover letters and prepare for interviews.

Ideal Populations - SkillScan works across the spectrum of client populations from college-bound high school students, community college, university and graduate students, adults in transition, and retirees.

Customers - SkillScan assessments are used by thousands of career development professionals in universities, community colleges, Fortune 500 corporations, as well as career centers and private practices throughout the United States and Canada.

SkillScan Timeline

SkillScan Drive: Career Aptitude and Skills Test

SkillScan Drive (2018)

Drive is a comprehensive self-directed online transferable skills assessment. Clients gain critical insights into their strengths within 6 skill competencies and receive a robust and detailed report that includes information on career and educational options that optimize their skills, suggested development actions to enhance marketability and a personalized roadmap to apply the results to their career goals.

SkillScan Express: Career Aptitude and Skills Test

SkillScan Express (2014, 2017)

SkillScan created SkillScan Express, a streamlined online skills assessment that generates a concise profile of a client's greatest strengths and preferences. Express works on tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. SkillScan Express was updated in 2017.

SkillScan Advance Pack: Skills Test Tool

Advance Pack 2.0 (2005, 2017)

SkillScan released Advance Pack, a skills assessment tool designed to meet the career development needs of clients. This hands-on card sort assessment provides an engaging and insightful process for assessing transferable skills. Includes a card deck, a full-color report, and a Quick Start Guide.

Career Roadmap

SkillScan Online (1998)

SkillScan released its first online assessment, SkillScan Online: Have Skills, Will Travel. This online version provided a self-directed experience that clients could access remotely and at their convenience. Have Skills, Will Travel was replaced by Career Driver in 2009, which was replaced by SkillScan Drive in 2018.