Package includes: A complete set of materials to get started using Advance Pack 2.0.

  • 1 Advance Pack 2.0 card deck (© 2018)
  • 6 Client Assessment Reports (© 2015) for recording skill results
  • 1 Facilitator's User Guide (download)- a comprehensive 168-page manual which includes 90 reproducible handouts for coach and client use.
  • 1 Grantable Use of SkillScan Online for client use.

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Career Counseling and Consulting Services—Pleasanton, CA SkillScan has been one of my favorite career assessment instruments for 25 years; it is a timeless tool which clients frequently refer to over time as they focus on marketing their transferable skills throughout their careers. As a career management professional, I have used SkillScan successfully in multiple venues, including colleges and universities, outplacement venues, trainings, and my private career counseling practice to… more
Terri Taylor, Career Tayloring