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Upcoming Webinars

Title Date More information
Strategic Skills and Career Assessment Webinar & Certification November 10 & 17 - 11:00 - 12:30 p.m. PST Learn More

Recorded Webinars

Title Date
Optimizing Skills Assessment on Campus: A virtual panel discussion June 22, 2021
Smart Tactics: Create Skill-based Resumes Using SkillScan Results - Presenter: Lesah Beckhusen May 20, 2020
Essential Guides: How to Administer Drive Online Assessment - Presenter: Lesah Beckhusen March 19, 2020
Getting Started With Card Sorts: Assess Transferrable Skills - Presenter: Lesah Beckhusen March 12, 2020
Breakthrough Brainstorming: Fuel New Possibilities - Presenter: Randi Bussin and Lesah Beckhusen May 23, 2019
Where Do I Go from Here? Using Drive Assessment for Career Transitioners - Presenter: Jane McHale May 2, 2019
Three Steps to Deepen Client Career Insight to Expedite a Focus with Lesah Beckhusen March 28, 2019
Best Practices for Reviewing a Drive Report with Kim Bilawchuk February 7, 2019
Introducing Drive Assessment (30-minute overview) October 3, 2018

Coach Training Resources

Title Date
Employee Career Development: Identify Transferable Skills to Enhance Career Mobility - by Nancy Donovan and Lesah Beckhusen August, 2019
Three Step Process for Using SkillScan Online to Help Clients Gain Clarity! - by Lori Eigles July, 2019
How to Use SkillScan Drive for Professionals in Career Transition - by Danielle Menditch July, 2019
Confidence and Context: Using SkillScan with PhD Students & Postdoctoral Researchers - by Natalie Lundsteen June, 2019
Best Practices for Reviewing a Drive Report - Kim Bilawchuk February 7, 2019
Drive Counselor/Coach User Guide (PowerPoint) October 1, 2018

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