SkillScan Approach

There are many reasons why individuals and coaches like the SkillScan approach to transferable skills assessment for career planning and development.

SkillScan Drive and SkillScan Express Online Skills Assessments

Drive Spiral

Key Benefits:

  • Engaging: Offers a fast and fun experience for learning about an individual’s greatest strengths.
  • Time Efficient: 20 minutes to complete.
  • Personalized report: Displays a hierarchy of strengths in six competencies.
  • Integrated career assessment process: Reinforces client preferences by integrating results from SkillScan with Holland and other assessments.
  • Accessible: The assessments are accessible at any time and location with internet access.

What Individuals Like:

Structured Learning – SkillScan provides a simple 3-step process to evaluate your skills for level of proficiency, enjoyment and career growth.

Personalized Report – Your comprehensive report will guide you to explore career options that optimize your strengths, plan development actions and communicate your strengths in the job search.

Accelerated Career Exploration – You’ll be able to research careers using the links from your Career Guide to O*Net OnLine (from the U.S. Department of Labor).

Development Planning – You will identify your high-potential skills and get practical ideas for building them to enhance your marketability.

Strategic Job Search – With the list of your core strengths on the Strategic Skill Profile you can develop selling points in resumes and interviews.

What Coaches Like:

An Organizational Framework - SkillScan organizes 54 skills into six competencies including Communication, Relationship, Management/Leadership, Analytical, Creative and Physical/Technical for connecting skills to the job market.

A Skill Vocabulary - SkillScan's competency-based definitions provide individuals with a descriptive vocabulary of their strengths which deepens self-understanding and builds self-confidence.

Think Beyond the Job Description – With knowledge of their transferable skills, clients can align their skills to meet the needs of employers.

Self-Marketing – SkillScan results can help individuals develop targeted resumes and market your clients' strengths in interviews.

Advance Pack 2.0 Card Sort

Intro Pack, Advance Pack 2.0

Key benefits:

  • Engaging: Provides a fast, hands-on physical experience for learning about an individual's strengths.
  • Time efficient: 30 to 50 minutes to complete.
  • Personalized report: Displays a hierarchy of strengths in six competencies for application in all stages of the career development process.

What Individuals Like:

3-Step Learning Process - SkillScan provides 3 steps to evaluate your skill level based on proficiency, preference and development.

A Hands-on Physical Experience – With a fun card sort process, you learn the definition of all 60 skills and make decisions for future use.

Personalized Assessment Results – You will record your skills on a one-page profile that showcases your strengths, preferences, and areas for growth.

Comprehensive – When completing the card sort with the assistance of a coach, you will have your results within 50 minutes.

Fast Sort – with the Fast Sort, you'll have a profile of your greatest strengths in 20-30 minutes.

Practical Application to Your Career – Use your results in career planning, evaluating a career transition, career advancement and marketing your skills in resumes and interviews.

What Coaches Like:                                          

A Competency-Based Framework -SkillScan organizes skills into six categories including Communication, Relationship, Management/Leadership, Analytical, Creative and Physical/Technical. The framework helps individuals to connect their skills to the needs of the marketplace.

Skill Vocabulary - SkillScan's unique system of 60 transferable skills and definitions provides individuals with a rich vocabulary for understanding their strengths.

Interactive – In your coaching sessions, you can discuss insights during the assessment process to deepen self-awareness and apply the results to the person's goals.

Expand Career Possibilities – Give your clients' personal clarity of their core skills to identify best-fit career options and not be limited by past work experience.

Practical Application – Apply your client’s results to exploring careers, planning growth and development activities, and marketing their skills in a job search.