Drive Spiral


  • Personal Skill Chart – a detailed view of strengths and preferences in 6 skill competencies (broad areas of strength)
  • Skill Set Portfolio – a portrait of specific strengths within their strongest 4 competencies
  • Career Guides – suggested career and educational options with links to O*Net to identify relevant career and educational options
  • Skill Development – a profile of high-potential skills, skills the individual is motivated to develop. Provides suggested development activities for skill building
  • Strategic Skill Portfolio – an at-a-glance view of their most marketable skills to enhance focus, exploration and self-marketing efforts
  • Next Steps – personalized career development strategies for the needs of: Launchers, Transitioners, Advancers and Retirees


  • Reading Level: 9th grade 
  • Time to Complete: Allow 15 - 20 minutes
  • Technical Requirements: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge Browser

Purchasing Options: Organizations can purchase access keys for shared online access to each client’s Drive report.


Price per Access Key, discounts are available.

Give your clients a comprehensive online transferable skills assessment. Within minutes, your clients gain immediate insights and a detailed report of their unique strengths for planning an initial career to making a transition to self-marketing in the job search.

Note: Discounts are available to educational institutions – apply online. 

Volume discounts:

UsesPrice Per Use
100 - 199$10.95
200 - 399$10.00

This product is available to career development and human resources professionals. Please login or create a coach account to order Access Keys.

See what our users are saying...

I was able to take a client through his results just days after finishing the Get Acquainted with Drive webinar.  With the notes I took, it was extremely easy to cover things in a good time span and in a way that the client understood and also agreed with his results.  I always use values and Holland Code so appreciate the worksheet for doing the comparison.  Drive is really great!

Susan Boush, Career Advisor