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Career Assessment Resources

Career Assessment ResourcesIn this section you will discover a wide variety of useful exercise to enhance your understanding of your career preferences to:

  • Identify a career focus
  • Explore work and educational options
  • Enhance skill development
  • Sell yourself in resumes and employment interviews.


Use the Assessment Exercises below in conjunction with the SkillScan transferable skills assessment system and complete the Career Profile to create a holistic view of career preferences.

Note: The following Assessment Exercises are copyrighted by the author and are reproducible for use by an individual or by a counselor for use with his/her clients when used in conjunction with a SkillScan Assessment. No part of these exercises may be translated, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of Lesah Beckhusen, Owner of SkillScan.

Useful Career Resources

Interactive Self-Assessment Exercises

Deepen self-understanding of your unique preferences using these convenient Fillable PDF Exercises.

Important Forms Instructions — please download and read carefully.

Download and complete the document online and save it. Required: Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or higher (free download).

Author Developed Transferable Skills Exercises

New! Assessing Your Pattern of Skills and Motivations — an autobiographical exercise to identify your unique pattern of skills and motivations from life and work experiences. This foundational exercise generates useful insights for career planning and self-marketing in the job search. When used in conjunction with the card sort or online assessments, you will gain a deeper understanding of your skills, from past to present to future. This combination of assessments is particularly useful for individuals considering a major career change.

Two versions of this form are available:

Interest Exercises

Values Exercises

Other Exercises

New! Pre-retirement Exercises


When you have completed the SkillScan report along with your Values, Holland Interests and personality themes (from Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Keirsey) you can use these integration exercises to summarize your core preferences (Career Profile), identify overlapping themes across the various assessments (Integrate Assessment Themes) and Brainstorm Career Options (Brainstorming exercise) to identify potential career options.

Summarizing, Brainstorming and Integrating Exercises

Important Forms Instructions — please download and complete online.

Required: Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or higher (free download).


Useful educational and career information websites for college and career planning

College Planning

  • — A comprehensive education resource with information about colleges, test preparation and career exploration.
  • College — a useful site for college search, applications and scholarships.
  • — A site devoted to identifying scholarships, colleges, internships and jobs.



A variety of helpful services and career development resources for job seekers.

  • Local College Career Center — College career centers often provide the following resources: career and academic counseling, career and life planning courses, a career library, internship and employment resources, and alumni programs.
  • Local One-Stop Career Centers — Assist individuals with career information, employment and career management.
  • Expanded List of Skill Sets and Development Activities — (Advance Pack and SkillScan Online) — lists of practical development ideas for planning development steps that align with each of the 18 Skill Sets.
  • Skill Development Plan — an exercise for planning action steps to develop skills.


Exercises and resources to communicate your skills and preferences in resumes, cover letters and interviews.



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I found Career Driver Online to be a very comprehensive tool with lots of information:
- The use of weighting and prioritization helps users to discriminate among all the skills they are interested in. This can be extremely helpful for those individuals whose interests are all over the place.
- The Side Trips and Resources section is great.