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Career Assessments for Organizations

The SkillScan Approach

Assist your employees plan and manage their careers by:

  • identifying their greatest strengths, preferences and skill sets
  • planning enrichment and development opportunities
  • leveraging their skills in their current or future position

Benefits for Companies and Employees

  • A cost-effective, fast and insightful skills assessment that engages employees in their career development
  • Offers a skill taxonomy that aligns with most competency-based models
  • Print-version for one-on-one consulting or group workshops and a new online assessment - SkillScan Drive
  • Integrate results with employee interests, personality themes, and work place values to enhance decision making
  • Employees learn how to apply strengths in current positions, evaluate future opportunities and plan their development to enhance mobility
  • Employees acquire a skill language for communicating their strengths in development plans, coaching discussions and interviews

Innovative Skills Assessment Tools


NEW - Drive — Online Assessment

SkillScan's new comprehensive tool for skills identification.

SkillScan Express

Online Assessment

Advance Pack

Advance Pack

Print Version

11th Grade Reading Level

Download the SkillScan Online Comparison Chart


SkillScan Drive: Career Aptitude and Skills Test

NEW — Help clients drive their careers!

Give your clients a comprehensive and streamlined online transferable skills assessment. Within minutes, your clients gain critical insights on their unique strengths that help then with these important career development steps:

  • Explore careers that optimize their strengths
  • Develop key skills
  • Market their strengths in resumes and interviews

Counselors, Coaches and Organizations can purchase grantable uses that give report access to both the client and coach.

Sample Client Report: this user-friendly and personalized report includes the following features for your clients.

  • Personal Skill Chart – a detailed view of their strengths and preferences
  • Skill Set Portfolio – a portrait of specific strengths within their top 4 broad areas of strengths
  • Career Guides – suggested career and educational options that optimize their unique strengths
  • Skill Development – a useful report of the skills they are motivated to develop with suggested development ideas
  • Strategic Skill Portfolio – an at-a-glance view of their most marketable skills to enhance their ability to focus their exploration and market themselves
  • Next Steps – personalized career development strategies for specific client needs: Launchers, Transitioners, Advancers and Retirees

Reading Level: 9th grade reading level

Time to Complete: Allow 15 minutes

Technical Requirements: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge Browser

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SkillScan Express

SkillScan Express: Career Aptitude and Skills Test

SkillScan Express is an online, self-directed skills assessment tool that provides your employees with a profile of their transferable skills and preferences - knowledge essential to identifying satisfying work options, creating a career development plan or strategizing their next career move.

SkillScan Express features an interactive online skills assessment process that works on mobile devices, tablets and PC's. The results of the assessment are provided in a streamlined and efficient report.

Reading Level: SkillScan Express is written at an 9th grade reading level

Time to Complete Assessment: Allow 15 minutes

Technical Requirements: Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 (or above), Safari, Chrome

Validity and Reliability: SkillScan is an intuitive-based assessment process in which the user makes decisions about his/her skills based on his/her unique life and work experiences, feedback and preferences. The resulting report has high face validity because it is based on the user's selections.

Download the SkillScan Online Comparison Chart

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Advance Pack

SkillScan Advance Pack: Career Assessment

Advance Pack is a facilitator-directed card-sort skills assessment for assisting employees identify transferable skills for career and development planning.

Advance Pack includes:

  • Card Deck - the cards consist of 60 transferable skills that fall into six major skill categories. Each skill card is denoted by an icon and color to designate the category it belongs to. Each deck includes nine category cards to use in identifying proficiency level, preference level, skill development and an optional "No Longer Can Use" category card. This card is useful for employees who have sustained injuries that prevent them from using certain skills.
  • Advance Pack Assessment Report - an 11" by 17" form for organizing and recording results and a Skill Wheel for identifying clients Skill Sets.
  • Advance Pack Facilitator's User Guide - an extensive manual for effectively administering and applying results to employee's career needs in four main stages of career development: Assess, Explore, Develop and Promote. The user guide also includes a Leadership Role Assessment for evaluating management and leadership paths.
  • Supplemental Products include:
  • Power Point Customizable Presentation (CD Rom) for administering Advance Pack in workshops
  • Reproducible Guides on CD Rom from the Facilitator's User Guide for client and workshop use

Reading Level: Advance Pack is written at an 11th grade reading level.

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See what our users are saying...

I use SkillScan with about 90% of my Quarter-life clients and can’t imagine career counseling without it. It’s my MOST valuable tool for this age group – 23-42.