Package includes: A complete set of materials to get started using Advance Pack 2.0.

  • 1 Advance Pack 2.0 card deck (© 2018)
  • 6 Client Assessment Reports (© 2015) for recording skill results
  • 1 Facilitator's User Guide (download)- a comprehensive 168-page manual which includes 90 reproducible handouts for coach and client use.
  • 1 Grantable Use of SkillScan Online for client use.

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I administered Skill Scan to my class of sophomore plastics engineering students today. The students loved it! One said he didn't realize he had so many skills. Another said he now had words to use to describe his experience when introducing himself to someone professionally. Even those who had a lot of skills yet to develop were excited to record them all in one place. It was a great confidence booster! 

Kimberly Bilawchuk, Part-time Career Counselor/Adjunct Faculty at UMass Lowell