Sending Access Keys to Your Organization's Clients

As an organization administrator, you are able to send individual keys to clients using the Send Access Keys page. Access the page from the left navigation panel.


Available Access Key Status

At the top of the page you will see the total number of keys available for you to send to clients. The SkillScan system places all of your unsent access keys into a pool of assessment-agnostic keys. This gives you the flexibility to select either Drive or Express each time you send a key to a client. 

Selecting and Sending Keys

Use the form below the Available Access Key Status to send an available Access Key to a client, providing the following details.

1. Select one or more coaches from your organization from whom the access key will be sent. 

  • Only coaches you have already added to your organization from the My Organization page will be listed here.
  • If you haven't added any coaches to your organization yet, the Coaches section will not appear on the Send Access Keys page, and the client's access key email will include the name associated with your org admin profile. 
  • If you select one coach, the client's email notification with their access key will include the coach's name, and the coach will be able to access the client's status and completed assessment report from the left menu under Sent Keys and Completed Assessments.
  • If you select more than one coach, all of the selected coaches' names will appear in the client's access key email, and each coach will be able to access the client's status and completed assessment reports from the left menu.


2. Select the type of online assessment you want the client to take – Drive or Express. If you don't select an assessment type here, the client will be asked to select one before they start the assessment.

3. Enter the client’s email address. You can enter email addresses for multiple clients at a time using commas to separate each one.

4. Enter an optional custom message that will appear first in the email message. Your custom message will be saved in this field for you to reuse again. The SkillScan system will automatically add a standard message below your custom message.

5. Enter an optional custom signature block, which will replace the standard message signature verbiage.

6. Click the Send button. 

Note: Your client should immediately receive an email from [email protected] after you click Send. However, some clients may experience issues receiving the email, such as the message being delayed, filtered to their spam folder, or not receiving the email at all. These issues are due to how the client's email service or organization settings are configured. If your client experiences issues receiving emails from the SkillScan system, you can copy their access key link from the Sent Keys page and provide to them via your own email service or other communication method.