Managing Your Organization's Sent Access Keys


The Sent Keys page is where you can view the status of any client who has been sent a key or gained access via the landing page. Here are the actions you can take from the table on this page.

View Access Key and Client Status

  • View which clients have completed or not completed their assessment, along with the names of the coaches who sent the key.

Copy an Access Key Link

  • If a client needs their unique access key link, you can copy it and send it a different way such as through your own email system. This is useful if your client is having trouble receiving emails sent from the SkillScan system.
    • Click the Copy Key Link button and paste the link into your own communication tool, such as your own email system.
    • The button will change to say Copy Report Link if the client has already completed the assessment and you want to send them the link. The link is the same as their original access key link used to take the assessment. 

Reclaim an Unused Key

  • If a client doesn’t start the assessment, you can reclaim their key at any time to put the key back in your organization’s pool of keys.
    • Click the Reclaim Key button, and SkillScan will add the key back to the count of your available Access Keys. You can then send the key to a different client.
    • If the client has already clicked their Access Key link to start the assessment, the Assessment Completion Date field will say "in progress" and the Reclaim Key button will not be displayed.

View a Client's Report

  • You can view a client’s completed assessment report by clicking the assessment report link in the Assessment Report column.