Getting Started for Org Admins

Welcome to SkillScan! This page will give you a quick walk through of the main areas of the website where you can perform important tasks as an Organization Administrator (Org Admin). Each of these tasks are covered in more detail within the various pages of this guide.

Creating your Account

If you are already a SkillScan customer of a large organization with a site license or pooled account, you already have an organization administrator account associated with your organization.

If you don't yet have an Org Admin account, go to Login/Signup in the upper right corner of the home page, and select the Create New Account tab to set up your Org Admin account. This type of account will enable you to purchase and manage access to assessment products for your organization, including online assessments and physical Advance Pack assessment materials.


Purchasing Products

If your organization has already purchased a pool of access keys or a site license with SkillScan, those keys should already be available for your organization to provide to clients. If you aren't seeing the keys you expect in your account, contact [email protected] for assistance.


As an Org Admin you can also purchase access keys using a credit card or PayPal directly on the SkillScan site. Go to the Products for Organizations page, where you can order the quantities of assessment products you need for each type of assessment.


Organization Administration

As an Org Admin you have access to powerful tools that enable you to efficiently add coaches to your organization and manage client assessment access. If your organization provides an email domain for clients to use in their email address (for example, then you can deploy a customized landing page for secure client assessment access. 


Sending Access Keys

As an alternative to using a client landing page, you can send Access Keys to one or more clients at a time from the Send Access Keys page. Each client will receive a system-generated email with a unique Access Key link to take the assessment and view their report. This is a good option if you have a group of clients that do not all use the same email domain.

If you have more than one coach added to your organization, their names will be displayed in the Coach(es) section. You can select a specific coach for the access keys you are sending to a client, and that coach will be associated with the client's keys and assessment in the system. The coach will be able to view and access the client's assessment status and completed reports from the Sent Keys and Completed Assessments pages.


Managing your Sent Keys

After a client accesses an online assessment from either the client landing page or from the email they received, you will be able to check their usage status on the Sent Keys page. Here you can see who has started and completed their assessment, and also reclaim any unused keys so you can send them to other clients. Any coaches you added to the organization will appear in the list if they have sent any keys to clients.


Viewing a Client's Report

You can easily search for and view a client's report using the table on the Completed Reports page.


Questions and Support 

If you had any questions or need assistance, please contact [email protected].