Includes everything you need for assessing your transferable skills preferences, including:

  • One Advance Pack 2.0 card deck of 60 transferable skills organized into 6 color-coded core competencies and category cards for sorting skills into proficiency, preference and development.
  • One 11 x 17 full-color report form, (© 2015) to gain a comprehensive report of your skills organized into 6 core competencies, a summary of your top 4 preferred categories and individual skills, a Skill Wheel for identifying skill sets, and a section to record the skills you want to develop.
  • One Quick Start Guide for taking, recording, and applying the results to your career goals.

Time Required: Allow 50 minutes


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Millennials are hungry for relevant resources that will help them grow as professionals. As a career coach, I have used SkillScan Drive with hundreds of young professionals. I have found that it helps my clients to better understand their skill sets and discover more options as they explore their career paths. It is an excellent assessment that I have consistently received positive comments about — and I will keep using in the future.

Zachary M. Cochran, Founder and Career Design Coach, Cochran Coaching LLC, Baltimore, MD