Your personalized SkillScan Drive report includes:

  • A Personal Skill Chart displays your skill results in the 6 skill categories—Relationship, Communication, Management/Leadership, Analytical, Creative, Physical Technical—in order of the highest score to the lowest score, based on the ratings given on proficiency and importance.
  • The Skill Set Portfolio takes your top 4 skill categories and groups your individual skills into Skill Sets. The Skill Sets describe your specific strengths used to perform common work tasks and functions.
  • Drive Career Guides provide you with suggested career and educational options. Visit the expanded guide to research interesting careers with a direct link to O*NET OnLine, the nation’s primary source for occupational information.
  • On the Skill Development report, you’ll get ideas for developing your high potential skills through school, internships, work, and hobbies.
  • The Strategic Skill Profile will provide you with the language to highlight and target your greatest strengths in resumes, interviews and networking.

NOTE: This product is intended for individual assessment takers to purchase their own assessment. If you are a coach ordering products for your clients, go to the Products for Coaches page to place your order.

How to Take the Assessment

To achieve the best results:

  • Work quickly and trust your first reaction.
  • Claim proficiency for skills used in school, hobbies, work, etc.
  • Focus on the enjoyment you get when using your skills.
  • Make any changes before moving on to the next section.

Time Required: Allow 20 minutes