I love how the Career Driver results compliment the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory results with my clients who are exploring career options. Career Driver assessment results have provided my clients with a vocabulary to use in resumes and interviewing, uncovering skills they would not have described if they had not taken this assessment.

Suzanne M. Sena, EdS, LPC, MCC, PHR, Integrative Counseling Solutions, LLC

Millennials are hungry for relevant resources that will help them grow as professionals. As a career coach, I have used SkillScan Drive with hundreds of young professionals. I have found that it helps my clients to better understand their skill sets and discover more options as they explore their career paths. It is an excellent assessment that I have consistently received positive comments about — and I will keep using in the future.

Zachary M. Cochran, Founder and Career Design Coach, Cochran Coaching LLC, Baltimore, MD

SkillScan is the main tool I use to support career changers in our coaching work! My clients appreciate the comprehensive and user-friendly reports. I love how multifaceted the report is for clarifying job targets for career changers.

Victoria Rayel, Career Development Specialist, LLC

SkillScan is a very useful tool to uncover transferable skills.  The report and charts are easy to follow.  There are so many resources in the learning center - you must check them out!

Paula Brand, Owner/Global Career Coach, Brand Career Management

The Online assessment was user-friendly, nicely laid out and an innovative way to think about our skills.

Haas MBA Student

SkillScan Drive is a great resource for career counselors to use with clients as a foundation for generating career options, writing a resume, and preparing for interviews. It can be used with a range of clients from college students to professionals in career transition

Markell R. Morris, Speaker, Career Counselor, Job Search Coach

Skillscan helps clients identify what they are good at, the skills they enjoy using, and the transferable skills they bring to the world of work. The robust reports boost confidence, provide greater awareness of marketable skills, and are helpful when applying for jobs and preparing for interviews. I use SkillScan with every coaching client and the results are a springboard for our career exploration and coaching work together.

Wilma Nachsin, President, Life Working, LLC Career Coaching and Resume Clients Nationwide

I use SkillScan with about 90% of my Quarter-life clients and can’t imagine career counseling without it. It’s my MOST valuable tool for this age group – 23-42.

Anne Sparks, Career Counselor, Bay Area Career Center

SkillScan has been one of my favorite career assessment instruments for 25 years; it is a timeless tool which clients frequently refer to over time as they focus on marketing their transferable skills throughout their careers. As a career management professional, I have used SkillScan successfully in multiple venues, including colleges and universities, outplacement venues, trainings, and my private career counseling practice to assist a variety of clients and business professionals. The newest version brings back the best of the original, and adds new features which bring a clearer focus to the results - key transferable skills which often lead to significant career insights - for users. I have found SkillScan to be extremely effective in assisting individuals and groups in identifying, clarifying, and prioritizing work skills and interests. Participants very much enjoy the combination of initial tactile intuitive choices and prioritization followed by the presentation of a focused Skill Profile and Skill Wheel containing transferable skills in helpful cluster patterns. SkillScan is particularly effective because of its User's Manual rich with practical, useful resources. The newly revised manual on CD very conveniently allows for easy downloading of formatted exercise handouts and materials, in addition to original templates.

Terri Taylor, Career Tayloring

I have been using SkillScan for several years now, beginning with the paper version and transitioning to Drive online. I present to clients that I can meet with them several times and gather the information needed, but using the SkillScan assessment will provide us with a wealth of information in a far shorter time and present it in a way that is readily actionable to identify next steps, such as career direction and resume writing with specific content. It is comprehensive and the flow works!

Deborah Walsh, Career and Transitions Counselor