I have used SkillScan since I was a graduate student. SkillScan helps clients to see aspects of themselves in ways other assessments are unable to reveal. It also supports and confirms psychometrically measured instruments like the Strong and MBTI. You can successfully use it with a variety of ages and backgrounds.  I love SkillScan and highly recommend it

Jamie Johnson, Career Counselor, Paths2Take

The new Advance Pack SkillScan is an excellent tool. I have been using it with university students and alumni and have had great feedback. The updated categories make sense to clients and the new cards have a very professional look. I am ordering more to use them in workshops!

Margo Gilliland, Career Counselor

SkillScan Online provides the perfect amount of insight for job seekers to clarify their transferable skills and identify career possibilities. Moreover, SkillScan has great resources to help clients market their transferable skills on their resume or in a job interview. SkillScan provides a language for clients to describe the skills they bring to the table, which helps increase confidence in the job search.

Danielle Roessle, LCSW, GCDFI, CCSP, Certified Career Coach, Inner Compass Coach

SkillScan has been one of my favorite career assessment instruments for 25 years; it is a timeless tool which clients frequently refer to over time as they focus on marketing their transferable skills throughout their careers. As a career management professional, I have used SkillScan successfully in multiple venues, including colleges and universities, outplacement venues, trainings, and my private career counseling practice to assist a variety of clients and business professionals. The newest version brings back the best of the original, and adds new features which bring a clearer focus to the results - key transferable skills which often lead to significant career insights - for users. I have found SkillScan to be extremely effective in assisting individuals and groups in identifying, clarifying, and prioritizing work skills and interests. Participants very much enjoy the combination of initial tactile intuitive choices and prioritization followed by the presentation of a focused Skill Profile and Skill Wheel containing transferable skills in helpful cluster patterns. SkillScan is particularly effective because of its User's Manual rich with practical, useful resources. The newly revised manual on CD very conveniently allows for easy downloading of formatted exercise handouts and materials, in addition to original templates.

Terri Taylor, Career Tayloring

As a business who helps both job seekers and career changers, we love using SkillScan with our clients. Hundreds of these clients have been able to easily identify their strengths as well as skills that need some improvement. This information is crucial to resume writing and prepping for an interview with easy-to-understand results of the assessment. Additionally, career options are identified in direct correlation to their strongest skillsets in a variety of sectors. SkillScan is definitely one of our core assessments to help our clients achieve their employment goals.

Cathy Cope, Employment Advisor/Facilitator, Watton Employment Services

Career Driver Online is an excellent tool that helped me to carefully think about my skills and strengths and career preferences. The cards look very user-friendly. I enjoyed the experience of going through the assessment. The scanning process is a great initial step for serious self-improvement. The report gave me a good guideline for further self- improvement.

Lynn Junyan Li, MBA Student, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

SkillScan is the main tool I use to support career changers in our coaching work! My clients appreciate the comprehensive and user-friendly reports. I love how multifaceted the report is for clarifying job targets for career changers.

Victoria Rayel, Career Development Specialist, LLC

As a holistic Executive/Life Coach, SkillScan has allowed me to offer next-level holistic service for my clients in career transition or clients who simply want to boost their confidence and highlight their skills in their current role. SkillScan is both extremely straightforward and in-depth and I highly recommend it!

Rebecca Babcock, CEO/Founder Rebecca Babcock Coaching

I found Career Driver Online to be a very comprehensive tool with lots of information:

  • The use of weighting and prioritization helps users to discriminate among all the skills they are interested in. This can be extremely helpful for those individuals whose interests are all over the place.
  • The Side Trips and Resources section is great.
Barbara Gronsky, Ph.D., Principal at Delaware Valley Career Solutions

Career Driver Online provides a wealth of information and resources which I really think make this almost a "one stop shop" assessment. Including cursory "interest," "values" and "personality" assessments is great for folks eager to get going and have some ideas of directions to pursue. There's a wealth of information for follow-up and discussion, so that anyone about to "launch" and not sure of what to do next has validation and support for taking next steps.
Rita Horn, Principal at Career Latitudes