I frequently use DRIVE with both my entry level clients and career changers. It's always a confidence booster for clients not only see their transferable skills, but also the potential application of skills. The new supplemental exercises are also very helpful in terms of providing a comprehensive understanding of career preferences.

Jillian Lucas, Career Coach, Job Search Strategist, Interview Coach

SkillScan Online provides the perfect amount of insight for job seekers to clarify their transferable skills and identify career possibilities. Moreover, SkillScan has great resources to help clients market their transferable skills on their resume or in a job interview. SkillScan provides a language for clients to describe the skills they bring to the table, which helps increase confidence in the job search.

Danielle Roessle, LCSW, GCDFI, CCSP, Certified Career Coach, Inner Compass Coach

Why I love SkillScan: 
Simply put, it works every time with any population, and everybody always loves it! Most of my clients are people who have physical and/or mental disabilities, and SkillScan is a great equalizer. Everybody feels empowered by it because, sometimes for the very first time, they recognize that they have skills, and, not only that, they now have a vocabulary to talk about what they are good at and enjoy doing.  I love the way it engages people in the career exploration process, particularly my clients, who are so used to having their barriers to employment addressed first. I see them begin to think of themselves in new ways. SkillScan allows me to gain useful insight into my clients, and it is a powerful facilitator that allows me to "meet my clients where they are".  

Julie Ford, M.A., Sr. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, ORP, CA. Department of Rehabilitation

SkillScan is the main tool I use to support career changers in our coaching work! My clients appreciate the comprehensive and user-friendly reports. I love how multifaceted the report is for clarifying job targets for career changers.

Victoria Rayel, Career Development Specialist, LLC

Drive is the one assessment I start with all of my clients. It puts us on the same page regarding what skills and skill sets are important to them. Knowing this helps me guide my clients toward roles that are the right fit for them, with speed and confidence.

Zachary M. Cochran, Founder and Career Design Coach, Cochran Coaching LLC, Baltimore, MD

Career Driver Online provides a wealth of information and resources which I really think make this almost a "one stop shop" assessment. Including cursory "interest," "values" and "personality" assessments is great for folks eager to get going and have some ideas of directions to pursue. There's a wealth of information for follow-up and discussion, so that anyone about to "launch" and not sure of what to do next has validation and support for taking next steps.
Rita Horn, Principal at Career Latitudes

The Online assessment was user-friendly, nicely laid out and an innovative way to think about our skills.

Haas MBA Student

Our career counseling team has used SkillScan Drive and the in-person card sort with university students and alumni for several years now, and it is an integral part of our career counselor toolbox. I was using the card sort with a student just the other day and the tactile nature, sorting process, colors to help categorize, and conversation about those skills were instrumental in helping the student realize some of their favorite skills that were being ignored. The student was very quickly re-connected with a lost part of themselves, which led to a significant a-ha moment for them. I am a huge fan of SkillScan!

Kerri Latham, Lead Career Counsellor, Student Success Centre, McMaster University

SkillScan is deceptively simple and transparent, yet profoundly useful. Asking clients to sort and rank their skills, together with clustering them into occupationally meaningful patterns, provide them positive, hopeful insights, helps to clarify their core career identity and builds confidence and self-esteem--all necessary to maintain an effective career development program in the face of inevitable challenges.

Michael Miller, Ph.D, Career Counselor in Private Practice, Ithaca, NY

As a therapist and career coach, I have found SkillScan to be a very valuable tool in pinpointing the work skills that my clients are highly motivated to use. It also sheds light on potential reasons for client burn-out.

Anne Chan, Career Counselor and Marriage Family Therapist