Some of the reasons I’m enjoying Drive:

  • it’s easy and quick for clients to get started

  • the simplicity of the charts of top skill categories and the top skill sets makes it easy to grasp

  • the skill sets carry over easily into the career guides which carry over easily into O*NET 

  • there’s such a wide range of additional activities that clients can choose if they want

Lucy Meadows, Career and Life Coach

I have used the SkillScan cards and profile for years and moved to the online version as soon as it was released for ease of use and detail of results. Most recently, I switched to the new version "Drive".  I think it's great - easy to comprehend, very professionally presented and the occupations are much more interesting than the Strong or the Holland Occupations. Having them broken down into industry is so helpful showing a client how many industries their skills can transfer. I use it both for internal and external career coaching and training.This is an assessment that is consistently updated to reflect new titles and current occupational trends. As a practitioner, I value this highly!

Jane McHale, Leadership Coach at Bright Horizons

I really enjoyed prioritizing my skills and aligning them with career options.

MBA Student, Haas School of Business

Boston, MA

As a loyal customer of SkillScan for over a decade, I find that the new Advance Pack organizes the skill clusters for greater understanding and connection to competency models and job descriptions. I have already incorporated the new Advance Pack into all my corporate workshops and individual coaching settings. Thank you for the improvements on an already outstanding career tool.

Jane McHale, Career Services

The SkillScan assessment helped me categorize my skills and the career fields I can further investigate.  It was nice to see a list of my strength so I could get a big picture of what I am interested in or good at.  Also, I thought it was nice that the SkillScan assessment helped me explore things I want to  improve.  This assessment was a good chance to explore my strength/talent or weaknesses as I develop my career goal.

4th Year Chemistry Major, UCLA

SkillScan is the best tool on the market to take a close look at the skills you have to offer an employer, your community service, or the skills you take into self-employment. I love that it can be used with other self-assessments to strengthen and enhance your self-knowledge

Susan Chritton, Senior Content Expert, Identity at MyPath101

After I was laid off from my job in July, SkillScan was a really great tool that helped me reassess my strengths and skills. What was unique about it was it not only confirmed the skills I thought I excelled in, but presented additional results that I wouldn’t have even considered if I hadn’t taken the assessment. Easily digestible, clear, concise, and informative, SkillScan was absolutely worth it! 

Natalie R., Client of Lesah Beckhusen

SkillScan is deceptively simple and transparent, yet profoundly useful. Asking clients to sort and rank their skills, together with clustering them into occupationally meaningful patterns, provide them positive, hopeful insights, helps to clarify their core career identity and builds confidence and self-esteem--all necessary to maintain an effective career development program in the face of inevitable challenges.

Michael Miller, Ph.D, Career Counselor in Private Practice, Ithaca, NY

UC Berkeley—Berkeley, CA

  • Saw a lot of valuable information about myself. The cards worked really well.

  • Excellent tool to help discover myself.

  • Loved the "tarot" (Advance Pack) cards.

MBA Student Feedback from Career Decision Making Workshop at Haas School of Business

Stanford, CA

The new Advance Pack SkillScan is an excellent tool. I have been using it with university students and alumni and have had great feedback. The updated categories make sense to clients and the new cards have a very professional look. I am ordering more to use them in workshops!

Margo Gilliland, Career Counselor