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Assessment for Individuals: Choice of Express Assessment or Career Driver Online


Price: $14.95

Report Features: Store your report on our server for 6 months. Print your report as a PDF and forward it to appropriate individuals.

Technical Requirements: Firefox, IE8 (or above), Safari, or Chrome browser; and local network connection (wired or wifi).

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Career Driver Online is a self-directed skills assessment tool that features a comprehensive profile of your transferable skills and preferences. Your full-color report provides you with detailed information about your strengths, practical ideas for developing skills, suggested career and educational options for exploring best fit options and numerous free resources in the Learning Center. Career Driver Online gives you powerful language for describing your strengths in resumes, cover letters, and interviews.

Time: Allow 30 minutes

Download the SkillScan Online Comparison Chart

Sample Report

Hone in on your greatest strengths, individual skills, and Skill Sets using this fast and streamlined version designed to work on Tablets and Smart Phones (works on P.C.s too). Learn about your “high potential” skills – those skills you are motivated to develop and optimize in a career. Explore your Top Career and Education Matches with direct links to O'Net to research careers. Gain a rich vocabulary for selling yourself in the job searchAccess the many free resources in the Learning Center. (Note: Microsoft Windows mobile devices are not supported at this time for SkillScan Express.)

Time: Allow 15 minutes

Price: $14.95