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SkillScan System

The SkillScan Approach

There are many reasons why test takers and counselors like the SkillScan approach to career skills assessment for career planning.

What Test Takers Like:

  • SkillScan's Tactile and Engaging Career Assessment and Skills TestTactile and Engaging - test takers love how hands-on the SkillScan card sort process is, whether they complete the assessment on paper or online. It is fun, fast and engaging.
  • Structured Learning - SkillScan provides a simple 3-step process to help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses, the skills you enjoy and want to use in a career and those skills needing development.
  • Personalized Assessment Results - test takers assess 60 transferable skills to create their own personalized and graphical picture of skill preferences.
  • SkillScan's Fast and Comprehensive Career Assessment and Skills TestFast and Comprehensive - Whether you take Express or the Drive online assessment, you immediately receive a comprehensive report of your results. If you complete a card sort with the assistance of a counselor, you will have your results within 50 minutes. Each assessment features a report format that showcases your strengths, preferences and areas for growth.
  • Practical and Direct Application to Your Career Goals - the results can be used to assist in career planning, evaluating a career transition, career advancement or marketing your skills in resumes and interviews.

What Counselors Like:

  • SkillScan's Skill VocabularyA Skill Vocabulary- SkillScan's unique skill lexicon and definitions provide clients with a vocabulary for describing their strengths and understanding areas of challenge -crucial for career planning, career transition, career advancement and marketing skills in a job search.
  • A Tool for Thinking Outside of a Job Description - clients often think about what they can do based on their past work experience. SkillScan provides a common skill language for targeting work roles and functions that align with client skills.
  • Organizational Framework - the SkillScan approach organizes skills into six categories including Communication, Relationship, Management/ Leadership, Analytical, Creative and Physical/Technical categories that connect to competency models and job descriptions.
  • SkillScan's Organizational FrameworkColor-coded Skills and Categories - each of the 60 skills are grouped into one of 6 color-coded skill categories which bolsters client understanding of their unique set of core competencies and strengths.
  • Time Efficient -the online takes less than 20 minutes to complete and eliminates counselor administration time. Advance Pack 2.0 can easily be completed in a 50-minute counseling session, 90-minutes in a workshop or use the 20 minute Quick Sort method.
  • Interactive - the Advance Pack card sort creates an opportunity for the counselor and client to discuss insights gained during the assessment - a greatopportunity to increase and deepen client self-awareness.
  • Skillscan Results IntegrationResults can be Integrated - with all of the SkillScan assessments, client skill results can be integrated with both Holland and Jungian-based standardized assessment results to reinforce and validate themes across the assessments.
  • Flexible - clients can access the online assessments at any time and from any location with internet access. Clients can save and store their report on the SkillScan server for one year or on their personal computer. They can also email their report to their counselor.

See what our users are saying...

I use SkillScan with about 90% of my Quarter-life clients and can’t imagine career counseling without it. It’s my MOST valuable tool for this age group – 23-42.