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Express - Grantable uses for Coaches/Counselors to distribute to clients

Tiered Volume Discount applies
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Skillscan Express Grantable Uses

This mobile version features a streamlined, simplified, and fast skills assessment. Works on iOS and Android tablets, smart phones, and personal computers.

  • Full-color report that summarizes and profiles clients greatest strengths, top 4 skill categories, Skill Sets, and individual skills.
  • High-Potential Skills — those skills identified as high enjoyment and a moderate level of proficiency. Provides suggested development activities to enhance skills while in school or during a transition.
  • A list of top career and educational matches based on your client’s combination of skills. Includes direct links to O’Net for further occupational research.
  • Next steps and resources guide to assist career launchers, changers, and advancers apply the assessment results to their career goals.
View a Sample Report of SkillScan Express (usable on tablets and smart phones)

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This product is available to counselors.

Tiered Volume Discount applies

See what our users are saying...

Some of the reasons I’m enjoying Drive:
- it’s easy and quick for clients to get started
- the simplicity of the charts of top skill categories and the top skill sets makes it easy to grasp
- the skill sets carry over easily into the career guides which carry over easily into O*NET
- there’s such a wide range of additional activities that clients can choose if they want
September 2018