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SDEC Certification Program

Overview of SkillScan Drive & Express Certification (SDEC)


Provide validation that career practitioners possess the skills and knowledge needed to effectively administer and interpret SkillScan’s Drive and Express assessments to assist clients with career planning, career transition, advancement, retirement, and job search needs.

 Target Audiences

Career development practitioners, including:

  • Career counselors, coaches, and personal counselors
  • Human Resources facilitators responsible for employee career development
  • Professionals who work with individuals and groups to assist them with career decision making, career change, and self-marketing for the job search (including writing resumes and cover letters, and interviewing)

Benefits of Achieving SDEC

  • Demonstrate that you possess the knowledge and skills for effectively administering and interpreting the assessments to meet the needs of your career clients.
  • Receive a certificate of SDEC achievement and digital certification badge.
  • Become a member of the SkillScan Online Coach Directory (optional) that displays your SDEC badge.

Basic Requirements for Being Awarded SDEC

  • Basic knowledge of formal and informal assessments, especially Holland-based assessments (Strong Interest Inventory and the Self-Directed Search) for integrating assessment themes
  • Graduate level degree or coursework in a relevant field such as Counseling, Career Counseling, Psychology, or Social Work; or a BA degree plus training through an accredited program such as NCDA, Career Development Facilitator training, International Coach Federation, or related Career Coaching certifications / work experience
  • Completion of the SkillScan Strategic Skills and Career Assessment live webinar training or self-directed tutorial
  • Passing the SDEC 20-item multiple choice exam by achieving a score of at least 70%

Steps to Achieving SDEC

Step 1: Sign up and purchase the 3-hour Live or Self-Directed Tutorial, Strategic Skills and Career Assessment training.

Step 2: After completing the training, you will receive the exam. You will have two weeks to complete and submit the exam.

Step 3: Upon successful completion of the exam you will receive your SDEC Certificate, a digital badge to use in marketing yourself, and instructions for uploading your coach profile to the SkillScan Coach Directory.

SDEC Skills Validated and Exam Objectives

Skills validated by the exam are covered in the Strategic Skills and Career Assessment training include:

  • Ability to explain and use the major components of both assessments including, the various report sections, scores, and interpreting different profiles
  • Applying the report to different clients and their needs; Career Launchers, Transitioners, and Job Seekers
  • Familiarity with the complimentary and supplemental exercises and resources in the Learning Center to assist clients with their self-assessment, career and educational exploration, and job search objectives

Exam Objectives

  • Explain the purpose of Drive and Express Assessments and how to use the different sections of the report.
  • Provide guidance to clients on how to take the Drive or Express assessment.
  • Explain how the results can address the needs of different types of clients (Career Launchers, Career Transitioners, and Job Seekers).
  • Use appropriate strategies when using the assessments with different types of clients (Career Launchers, Career Transitioners, and Job Seekers).
  • Interpret Drive and Express assessment results.

 Recertification and Continuing Education

SDEC certification does not require recertification to maintain your status. You may attend future Strategic Skills and Career Assessment webinars to refresh your knowledge at no cost.

See what our users are saying...

Career Driver Online provides a wealth of information and resources which I really think make this almost a "one stop shop" assessment. Including cursory "interest," "values" and "personality" assessments is great for folks eager to get going and have some ideas of directions to pursue. There's a wealth of information for follow-up and discussion, so that anyone about to "launch" and not sure of what to do next has validation and support for taking next steps.