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SkillScan Training and Presentation Schedule

SkillScan Training and Presentations

The SkillScan Advantage Webinar Series: Using Drive & Express

In this two-part, 3-hour webinar series, you will learn how to maximize Express and the new Drive assessment. You will learn how to:

  • Identify your clients’ transferable skills and greatest strengths, skill sets and skills they want to develop.
  • Apply assessment results to the needs of career launchers, transitioners and job seekers. Help identify best-fit jobs and effectively communicate strengths in pitches, resumes and interviews
  • Integrate skills and career preferences including Holland interests and values to enhance personal clarity and accelerate a career focus
  • Boost your skill level in using SkillScan online assessments and the many free and interactive Coaching exercises in the Learning Center.

Check out these sample reports!
- Drive Sample Report
- Express Sample Report

For Webinar series dates and times, see details

Fee: $140.00 - Includes 3.0 training hours, a personal assessment of Drive and Express for you and 3 grantable uses for clients (45.00 value).

Sign up for the both the Webinar series and Certification Program and get 10% off (total cost is $216.00)

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Get Certified on Drive and Express Assessments

The SkillScan Drive and Express Certification validates that you have the training needed to effectively administer and interpret SkillScan's online assessments, integrate results with other assessments and effectively assist clients with their career development needs.

Additional Benefits

  • Get 10% off your purchases of Drive and Express online assessments for your practice or organization.
  • Become a member of SkillScan's Coach Directory which includes designation of your SDEC award and helps potential clients find you.  
  • Receive a certificate of SDEC achievement.
  • Enhance your portfolio of tools through use of the resources in SkillScan's Learning Center.

Steps to Achieving Certification

  1. Complete a 3-hour training - See details
  2. Sign up for the SDEC pay the fee to SkillScan ($100.00).
  3. Take and pass the SDEC exam consisting of a 20 item multiple choice items.

For more information: contact -

See what our users are saying...

I was delighted to recently give a SkillScan workshop at our office. We help unemployed and underemployed folks prepare for their job search. It was very easy to administer and I found it to be a useful tool to help articulate "transferable" skills. I was amazed to see levels of confidence and self esteem rise as we translated their past experiences into marketable skill sets. It served as a wonderful reminder to our clients that their skills are directly applicable to other jobs and in different industries.