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Career Assessment Resources

Career Assessment Resources In this section you will discover a wide variety of useful exercises to enhance your understanding of your career preferences to:

  • Identify a career focus
  • Explore career and educational options
  • Enhance skill development to increase marketability
  • Market yourself in resumes and employment interviews.

Assess & Focus

Use the Assessment Exercises below in conjunction with the SkillScan transferable skills assessment system and complete the Career Profile to create a holistic view of career preferences.

Guides for Taking the Print Card Sort

Additional Skills Assessment Tools

  • Assessing your Pattern of Skills and Motivations — An autobiographical exercise to identify your unique pattern of skills and motivations from life and work experiences. Compare the results with Drive or Express Online Assessment to validate your greatest strengths. Note: This version is designed to print and fill in by hand.

Important Instructions for Using Interactive Forms: Please download and complete online. Required: Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or higher (free download).

Interest Exercises

  • Holland Interests Assessment — A quick exercise based on Holland’s RIASEC occupational theory to identify your top interest themes (works with all SkillScan assessments).
  • Discovering your Interests — A list of insight-oriented questions to identify specific interests - useful for exploring potential fields and industries.
  • Discovering Your Pre-retirement Interests — An exercise to explore areas of interest for potential volunteer, paid work or entrepreneurial options.

Values Exercises

Other Exercises

  • Ideal Work Environment — An exercise to generate and prioritize ideal work conditions.
  • Personal Traits — An exercise to evaluate personal qualities and strengths. May be used to send to colleagues, fellow employees and managers to gain more objective feedback.

Pre-retirement Exercises

  • Brainstorm Retirement Work Options — An exercise for generating a variety of paid work, volunteer or entrepreneurial ideas for retirement. Complete the exercise and email to colleagues to collect ideas of new work possibilities, (works with all SkillScan assessments).
  • Values Assessment for Pre-retirees — An exercise to clarify Activity-based and Worklife and Environment values for planning retirement work options (works with all SkillScan assessments).
  • Pre-retirement Time Allocation Exercise — A tool to evaluate the balance of daily activities for structuring an ideal week.
  • Pre-retirement Ideal Week Journaling Exercise — A writing strategy for creating an ideal week of retirement activities.
  • Brainstorm Retirement Work Options — An exercise for generating a variety of paid work, volunteer or entrepreneurial ideas for post-retirement. Client completes the exercise and emails to colleagues to collect ideas of new work possibilities, (works with all SkillScan Assessments)
  • Skill Development Plan for Retirement — A planning activity to develop and optimize preferred skills in retirement work options, (works with all SkillScan assessments).


When you have completed the SkillScan report along with the other assessment exercises, use these forms to summarize and validate your preferences. Observe themes across the various assessments and generate career ideas.

Important Forms Instructions: please download and complete online.

Required: Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or higher (free download).

  • Career Profile Template — A form for summarizing skills and other preferences to create a comprehensive career profile for focusing and exploring best-fit options.
  • Brainstorming Exercise — A tool for generating career ideas based on your skills, interests and values. Complete the exercise and email to peers/colleagues/co-workers to collect career ideas.
  • Brainstorm Retirement Work Options — An exercise for generating a variety of paid work, volunteer or entrepreneurial ideas for work in retirement. Complete the exercise and email it to peers/colleagues/co-workers to collect ideas of new possibilities.
  • Integrate Assessment Themes — A template for recording Holland Interests, Values, Skills and Personality themes to gain a picture of your career preferences. Works with all SkillScan assessments.
  • Connecting Skills with Holland Interests and Values Themes - A guide to identify the connection across Interests, Skills and Values.


In addition to the resources below, use job search sites such as, and to identify specific job title of careers that interest you.

Career Exploration Websites

College & Training Websites

  • College Navigator — A free consumer information tool designed to help students research education and training programs.
  • College Board Big Future — a free tool to explore and research colleges that align with your interests and goals.
  • — A site devoted to identifying scholarships, colleges, internships and jobs.
  • One-Stop Career Centers — A free resource for researching education and training options including 2-year and 4-year college degree programs, apprenticeships, and short-term certificate programs.


A variety of helpful services and career development resources for job seekers.

  • Local College Career Center — College career centers often provide career and academic counseling, career and life planning courses, a career library, internship and employment resources, and alumni programs.
  • Local One-Stop Career Centers — Assist individuals with career and training information, employment, and career management.
  • Expanded List of Skill Sets and Development Activities — Works with all SkillScan assessments. Lists of practical development ideas for planning development steps that align with each of the 18 Skill Sets.
  • Skill Development Plan — An exercise for planning action steps to develop skills.


Exercises and resources to communicate your skills and preferences in resumes, cover letters and interviews.

Job Search Websites

  • Job Star: California's Job Search Guide — Gives quick overviews on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing.
  • job-hunt — Offers advice on developing your marketing materials including numerous free resume and cover letter samples.
  • Indeed — A site that integrates thousands of jobs from company hiring pages. Companies also post job openings directly.
  • Glassdoor — A recognized site for identifying open jobs and salary data.
  • LinkedIn — In addition to networking, LinkedIn offers extensive lists of job postings.
  • — A website for identifying internship openings.

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I've been using the Skillscan assessment tool, cardsort and online versions, for more than 15 years. I was looking forward to the new online version and upon trying Drive, I was impressed with the enhancements. The interface is very appealing. The instructions were easy to follow, and the personalized report is comprehensive. It's a great resource for career counselors to use with clients as a foundation for generating career options, writing a resume, and preparing for interviews. It can be used with a range of clients from college students to professionals in career transition.