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Career Advice for Career Development

Identify Your Strengths

Identify Your Career OptionsIf you are in search of a successful, rewarding career, SkillScan Assessments can help. SkillScan uses a game-like card deck in its online career test for adults that helps you identify your greatest strengths - those skills you like the most and want to use in a career and those you don't like and want to avoid using.

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Discover Your Career Options

Discover Your Career OptionsOnce you know your strengths, you are ready to choose a career or a range of career options that are best for you based on your unique skills and core competencies. After identifying a career path that is right for you, then you are ready to determine the type of education and training that will help you achieve your career goal.

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Why SkillScan?

SkillScan has been used by Career Counselors, Corporations needing talent management solutions, and Individuals for years to help put the right people in the right jobs. When your job uses your strongest skills, you will be happier in your work and in your life. Let SkillScan test your skills and help you find the best career for you.

Knowing your strengths can also help you structure your resume or job application and give you confidence in an interview. Increase your career confidence by taking a SkillScan assessment today.

Here is what SkillScan Test Takers like:

SkillScan Career Test Takers

  • It is Easy and Fun - SkillScan's hands-on skills assessment approach makes it easy and fun
  • It is Personalized - You identify your unique strengths from a wide range of skills
  • It is Fast and Thorough - Your results tell you your strengths, preferences and areas for growth instantly
  • It is Practical - The results help you with choosing a career!

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See what our users are saying...

Our students have benefitted from using the SkillScan materials in the past and we are looking forward to expanding the benefits by having it available online. During the workshops, I have often started the session (after introductions) by asking the students “to write down nine (9) skills that they have.” Invariably students can write down one or two or even perhaps as many as five until I see their pens halted. I assure them that if they had been able to think of nine skills they probably won’t be in this workshop.