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Career Testing

Career Test

SkillScan helps you to uncover your transferable skills and greatest strengths which aids you in making important career and job decisions.

Intuitive-based decision making

There are many forms of career testing but SkillScan uses an intuitive-based decision making process where you sort through 60 skill cards to determine your level of proficiency, preference and development for the future and create a tangible record of your skills.

Identify best-fit jobs

Since all jobs involve performing tasks, when you know your greatest strengths and core competencies, you can easily assess if the job is a good match for you. For example, an events coordinator - coordinates weddings, conferences, retreats etc., must like to plan/organize, coordinate and manage projects and get them done on time and on budget. These skills (plan/organize, coordinate and manage projects) are just three of the 60 skills in the SkillScan system to help you identify your skills.

Making a career change

SkillScan helps to assess your transferable skills - those core skills that are used in a wide variety of functions and in different industries. Given the changing skill needs of companies, knowing your transferable skills will help you to transfer your skills to new positions or industries when necessary. Using the example of the Events Planner above, if you have skills in organizing, planning, coordinating and managing projects, you could consider transferring these skills to project management, trade show management and many other possibilities.

Your unique finger prints

In the SkillScan system, your choices are not compared to other people or groups as in "standardized testing". Your results will make immediate sense to you and reflect your unique preferences. Also there is no waiting time to get your test results back from a scoring center.

Hands-on versus web-based career test formats

SkillScan comes in two formats: 1) a print-version format which includes a deck of skill cards, recording profile and written instructions or 2) take SkillScan's online self-directed assessment; Drive (comprehensive and detailed or Express (condensed format) to get your results in less than 15 minutes.

Assess your skills now!

See what our users are saying...

Boston, MA

I have used the original SkillScan Professional Pack for many years with many clients, and although I have always felt that the SkillScan was a valuable tool for my clients, I now see even more positive results with the SkillScan Advance Pack.