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Career Development

SkillScan Can Help You Launch Your Career

Career Development

As a first-time career planner, you face an overwhelming world of career possibilities. You can get on the right track with the help of SkillScan.

SkillScan can help you:

  • Identify skill sets that are most enjoyable to you
  • Explore appropriate career options, education and training programs
  • Develop new skills that will enhance your career opportunities
  • Avoid using your least preferred skills that may lead to job dissatisfaction
  • Acquire a skill language for selling yourself in resumes and interviews

Bottom Line - Increased confidence in choosing a career and launching your career.

SkillScan Can Help You with a Career Transition

When considering a career transition, it is important to discover those skills that are transferable from one career to another.

SkillScan's career quiz can help you:

  • Clarify those skills that are critical to your personal and professional satisfaction
  • Evaluate the compatibility of your strengths with your most recent or current career
  • Leverage your skills into new work functions or positions
  • Enhance your knowledge of the world of work and broaden your range of potential career options
  • Acquire a skill language for selling yourself

Bottom Line - Increased confidence that your next career move will be successful!

Knowing Your Skills can Help You Advance Your Career

The key to steering your career in a positive direction is starting with a clear understanding of your greatest strengths and preferences and then finding the right positions and opportunities to optimize them.

SkillScan's career assessment test can help you:

  • Identify and leverage your greatest strengths and preferences
  • Target those skills that will offer the greatest personal reward for development
  • Evaluate the alignment of your preferred skills with your current role and provide steps to achieve your career goals
  • Increase your awareness of opportunities and development activities that capitalize on your strengths
  • Acquire a skill language for preparing a development plan to promote yourself

Bottom Line - Increased proficiency in articulating your professional value and the confidence to seek new challenges and advance your career

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See what our users are saying...

I have administered SkillScan primarily to high school and college students. In the time that it normally takes a student to attend a lecture, a student can instead walk away from a SkillScan session with an understanding of his or her primary skill sets and the careers that utilize those skills. There is a strong emphasis on skill development and transferable skills which helps prepare students for today's competitive market place. I recommend this tool without reservation.