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Victoria Westerskov

Victoria Westerskov is an internationally certified Career Development Facilitator with 20 years in the career transition and job finding field. Her experience includes assisting all levels of clients, from Executives and Transitioners, to people overcoming multiple barriers to employment.

She serves on the Boards for the Community College Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Work-based Learning and Employment Services and the Professionals in Human Resources Association, building a strong network of employers and placement professionals.

As a long-term member of the National Career Development Association and a member of the International Coach Federation, Victoria stays current on all topics relevant to career development.

Victoria is a sought after speaker and facilitator, and has received high marks from conference and workshop attendees, including the California Medical Assistant Association, California Association of Regional Occupational Programs and Centers, National Institute for Literacy, California Placement Association, Insurance Education Association and others. She is a Certified Trainer for the California Occupational Information Coordinating Committee.

She has been published in The National Institute for Literacy training materials and in “Creative Training Techniques.”

Services offered:
Meaningful Career Exploration and Coaching: Individualized sessions with assessments, decision making, goal setting, barrier busting, research strategies, action plan and support

Your Personal Written Presentations: Resumes, Cover Letters, Job Proposals and Follow-up Letters

Successful Interviewing for Job Offers: Interview Rehearsal, Personal Presentation, Salary Package Negotiations

Effective Corporate Training: Customized training and group facilitation for any size. Career Development, Job Finding Skills, Team Building, Customer Service, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Diversity and many other topics available.

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Private Practice
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Torrance, CA 90501
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Virtual & On Location
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Using the Advance Pack with students has been extremely effective. Helping students to look at what tasks they would actually be doing in a career has shown them the difference between occupations that they like the idea of versus occupations that truly reflect their interests and giftings. I have found SkillScan to be my most efficient assessment tool, giving the student a wealth of information in a short amount of time. Lesah has placed a number of valuable resources on the website, as well.