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Tom Ballantyne, M.A.

I'm a professional career counselor and coach. Whether you're a new graduate, launching your career, transitioning in mid-career or hoping to reinvent yourself for a new career, I'll work with you, step by step, to clarify your values and your goals, to plan your journey and to overcome the obstacles in your way. It’s a lot to sort out, so why go it alone?

I have a Masters degree in Counseling with a specialization in career development and health psychology from Santa Clara University and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University.

Prior to career consulting and coaching, I recruited top talent for Fortune 1000 companies, start-ups and non-profits as a retained search consultant. I've seen the hiring process the inside and can help my clients make their career transitions with greater confidence.

Specialties: Career and transition coaching. Job search skills training, formal and informal assessment, resume creation, job search strategy development, offer evaluation and salary negotiation. Power networking, communication skills training, and how to use social media the right way.

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Career Counselor & Coach (Private Practice & College/University career services)
Type of Organization: 
Private Practice
Organization Name: 
Bay Area Career Center


San Francisco, CA 94104
Work Arrangement: 
Virtual & On Location
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Our students have benefitted from using the SkillScan materials in the past and we are looking forward to expanding the benefits by having it available online. During the workshops, I have often started the session (after introductions) by asking the students “to write down nine (9) skills that they have.” Invariably students can write down one or two or even perhaps as many as five until I see their pens halted. I assure them that if they had been able to think of nine skills they probably won’t be in this workshop.