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Suzi Sena, EdS, LPC, PHR, CPRW

Suzi is uniquely qualified and passionate about collaborating with clients on their career aspirations while also addressing personal challenges. Many times when an individual is handling a career concern, it can be magnified by feelings of low esteem, anxiety about interviewing, grief over a loss of a job, stress over work/life balance, fears over changing careers, etc. Personal challenges and career aspirations worked through simultaneously can create wonderful sustaining life achievements.

With 15 years of career experience in human resources, career development, and mental health counseling, Suzi has created a holistic approach to helping clients getting to the next step in their career. Suzi holds a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, a Master’s degree in Counseling, and a Post Graduate Specialist degree in Family and Marriage therapy. License and certifications include: Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC – CT, NJ), Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), Professional in Human Resources (PHR), EMDR Level Two Therapist, and Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).

Suzi is now living her professional dream with providing personal and career counseling in her private practice, Connecticut Integrative Counseling, LLC.

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Private Practice
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Connecticut Integrative Counseling, LLC
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Connecticut Integrative Counseling, LLC


West Hartford, CT 06119
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