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Susan Jewkes Allen, MSW, GCDF

Career Counselor and Coach: Guiding Career Transition

•Assessment and Reflection processes to facilitate Discovery
•Strategies and Structure to inspire Creativity
•Tools and Techniques to support Success

One-on-one in person and virtual coaching, workshops and assessment programs, including the MBTI and SkillScan.

I specialize in working with people who are experiencing a "creative calling": A desire to express one's unique self, more fully in all aspects of life and work.

From accomplished professionals seeking a career change to new college graduates transitioning into the world of work; women and men seeking re-entry after time out of the job market to people with creative ventures wanting to balance the expression of their gifts and vision with the demands of running a business or private practice, my clients are seeking a more purposeful and rewarding life and livelihood.

Professional Background:
A strong clinical background and consulting expertise having worked with diverse individuals from youth to retirees, as a psychotherapist and coach, informs my career counseling practice.

Extensive organizational experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia teaching, training and promoting an entrepreneurial approach to personal and professional development informs a global view and an opportunities focus in our dynamic and rapidly changing job market.

Consulting and advisory roles include work with: the World Health Organization, Health Canada, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, Organization of American States, United Nations and numerous private companies, educational institutions and non-profits.

In addition to private practice and workshop/program facilitation at Life + Work, I am an associate, in private practice at the Bay Area Career Center in San Francisco.

Education and Life-long Learning:
Undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies at New York University, New School for Social Research, University of Arizona, an MSW in Clinical Practice from the University of Calgary and completion of the University of Wisconsin's Global Career Development Facilitator program.

Professional training and certification:
Post-graduate studies in Transpersonal Psychology, Creativity Coaching and advanced personality studies, including the Myers-Briggs and Enneagram.

I am a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF10213-US) and a member of a number professional associations, including: the National and California Career Development Associations (CCDA and NCDA), the International Enneagram Association and the Creativity Coaching Association.

Follow my website and blog at:

Type of Organization: 
Private Practice
Organization Name: 
Life + Work
Website:; blog:


San Francisco, CA
Work Arrangement: 
Virtual & On Location
Phone Number: 
(415) 728-8502

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Boston, MA

I have used the original SkillScan Professional Pack for many years with many clients, and although I have always felt that the SkillScan was a valuable tool for my clients, I now see even more positive results with the SkillScan Advance Pack.