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Stacy Harshman

Stacy Harshman is a career coach who specializes in helping people transition into more fulfilling careers. Having worked as a recruiter for 10 years, Stacy knows the vast majority of people have no idea of what direction to take their careers and few, understand what fulfills them. Stacy’s passion is to guide individuals through a process of self-discovery to determine their life’s purpose and a vision to live out that purpose of doing meaningful work. Stacy became a certified career coach after going through the process herself with her own coach. Stacy has her master’s degree in Management from Colorado State University and certifications as a Certified Career Management Coach and a Senior Professional in Human Resources.

Contact Stacy Harshman for more information at or go visit the website at

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Private Practice
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Your Fulfilling Life Career Coaching
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Your Fulfilling Life Career Coaching


Boise, ID 83616
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Virtual & On Location
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