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Sheryl Rosenberg

Sheryl’s background is in Higher Ed, and specializes in working with college students. She hold as M.Ed from Seattle University in Student Development Administration and has a background working with international students, student activities, fraternity and sorority life, and now career services! Since entering the Career Services field she has completed an internship at Seattle University as a Career Advisor and now works at the Non-Profit Bottom Line as a Career Counselor where she works in high-need and first generation college students around the Boston Area.

Sheryl is slated to become yoga instructor certified in fall 2014 and has strong interests in work/life balance, wellness and holistic well-being. Specialists include Resume and Cover letter review, interview preparation and job search strategies. Additional services include providing Skill Scan and Strong Interest Inventory assessments to clients looking to find a fulfilling and rewarding career path!

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Non Profit Organization
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Bottom Line


Boston, MA 02130
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Virtual & On Location
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I really liked using Skillscan’s Career Driver Online. I liked how the system grouped skills and made career and class suggestions based on those skills. I took my students to the computer lab to take the assessment and it was helpful to work in a group because one student’s question helped other students. My students found it easy to use. During my student’s final presentation on their career action plan, they all talked about the Career Driver’s recommendations for their skills and how it would fit into to the job they wanted.