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Matt Casey, Certified Career and Professional Coach

Matt Casey Career Coaching
Contact me: | (617) 480-7085
Follow me: Web: | Twitter: @mattcaseycoach

Matt is a professional career coach and personal brand developer with fifteen years of experience in career management, marketing strategy, and business planning. His focus is helping people make well-informed, personalized, strategic career decisions in a modern job market.

With his support, individuals are better able to think about options, find ideal opportunities, build strong plans, carry the right tools, develop the appropriate messages, and take the best actions. Areas where people can benefit from this partnership include:

◉ Professional situation analysis and opportunity assessment
◉ Job selection, targeting, and search strategy
◉ Industry transition planning (e.g. academia to private industry)
◉ Networking and relationship development
◉ Personal brand analysis and communication
◉ Career document and social media management
◉ Professional development and executive coaching
◉ Strategic career planning

★ “I am so happy and so enjoying everything; I don't feel like I am at a "job" or that its "work". I'm learning and evolving and enjoying every minute of it.” - Regulatory Affairs Professional

★ “The process so far has been absolutely a life changer and cannot thank you enough for your time and efforts. I am looking forward to working with you as we begin the next phase.” - Mid-Career Professional in Transition

> Assessments including Myers-Briggs (MBTI®), Strong Interest Inventory®, and SkillScan™
> Life sciences, biotech and health care career expertise
> Group facilitation, workshops, presentations, and outplacement services

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Private Practice
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Matt Casey Career Coaching
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Matt Casey Career Coaching


Cambridge, MA 02142
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Virtual & On Location
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(617) 480-7085

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I found Career Driver Online to be a very comprehensive tool with lots of information:
- The use of weighting and prioritization helps users to discriminate among all the skills they are interested in. This can be extremely helpful for those individuals whose interests are all over the place.
- The Side Trips and Resources section is great.