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Lynn Walker Levy

For more than twenty years I have been working with career professional helping them strategize and plan their careers. I have helped to launch hundreds of professionals, many of whom are in locations around the world working in the field of international education. I own and operate LWL Career Counseling, a private practice in career counseling. I am an ACRW certified resume writer where I received accreditation from the prestigious Resume Writing Academy. Additionally, I am credentialed to administer and interpret both the SkillScan Online Driver and the MBTI Type Indicator as tools for career choice and management. Both assessments have led many clients make important decisions about career direction and choice. My life of living and working abroad have enabled me to work well with many international clients. I have worked with clients in education, non-profit, engineering, nursing, project management, regulatory affairs, IT management and sales, marketing, sales, web development, higher education, military transition and much more. Please view my LinkedIn Profile for strong references of my abilities as a career coach and resume writer.

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Private Practice
Other Type of Organization
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REA-Partners in Transition
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LWL Career Counseling


Milton, MA 02186
Work Arrangement: 
Virtual & On Location
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Career Driver Online provides a wealth of information and resources which I really think make this almost a "one stop shop" assessment. Including cursory "interest," "values" and "personality" assessments is great for folks eager to get going and have some ideas of directions to pursue. There's a wealth of information for follow-up and discussion, so that anyone about to "launch" and not sure of what to do next has validation and support for taking next steps.