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Lorraine Lyman, MS, MA, CPRW

As an Executive Career Coach and Certified Personal and Digital Branding Strategist, I collaborate with curious, ambitious leaders to help them gain clarity about presenting their personal brand, natural abilities, skills, leadership style, and most essential strengths throughout their career collateral.

If you are not sure about the quality of your résumé, LinkedIn profile, executive, bio, or job search process, I can help you gain the confidence you need to get interviews and get hired.

If you need more insight into what your narrative should be, I can help you find and complete the best career assessment(s) for you including the SkillScan Drive or Express assessments.

My clients are able to tell persuasive, captivating career stories founded in personal branding and their unique promise of value with the following expertly crafted collateral:

► Powerfully Tailored Executive Résumés.
► Customized Cover Letters and Correspondence specific to job search strategy.
► LinkedIn Profiles highlighting organizational impact and leadership capabilities.
► Personal and Professional Executive Bios that focus and elevate their narrative.
► Insightful, Persuasive Interviews adding authenticity and credibility to career collateral.

SavvyU clients who focus and elevate their narrative, develop their platform, and make their career collateral unique to them, their life, and their story have been highly satisfied with their results:

֍ Responses within weeks.
֍ Jobs at Fortune 500 companies and small firms, depending on the client’s needs.
֍ Raises of $20,000+.

“Savvy Success was absolutely amazing! Lorraine and I spent hours together combing through my résumé, correcting things which would improve my success rate in applying to new jobs in my field.” ~J.C.

“Savvy Success helped me on so many levels. I appreciate the thoughtfulness, all the concrete feedback, and coaching.” ~M.T.

I’d love to hear from you! Reach out to me for the best ways to start creating career collateral that fits your needs:

• Send a connection request and message me right here on LinkedIn.
• Email me at with your inquiry.
• Visit my website

Request a consultation:

Social Media: @LorraineLyman

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I learned about my transferable skills from taking the Online Assessment in a Find Your Focus workshop at Haas. The workshop provided a lot of assessment tools and promoted deep thought about career choices. The handouts helped organize and pull everything together.