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Lisa Stotlar

Lisa Stotlar has been a career counselor, workshop trainer, and program director in business, non-profits, and educational settings since 1990. She has her BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and her MA in Counseling from the University of Minnesota.
She has successfully helped thousands of people in Silicon Valley and around the US discover and celebrate their gifts and find meaningful work. Some of Lisa’s specialties include:
• Career Reinvention
• Highly Effective Job Search Strategies
• Strategic Networking On & Offline
• Successful Interviewing & Salary Negotiation
• Designing Winning Resumes & Social Media Profiles
• Personal Branding
• Career Assessments (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, Campbell Interest & Skill Survey, 5 Dynamics, Skillscan, Firo-B)

She works with people from diverse backgrounds in industries that include: Technology, Business Services, Marketing, Health Care, Law, Non-Profits, Social Services, Education, Training and Development, Journalism, Human Resources, Banking and Financial Services.

She co-founded a career development organization in Palo Alto, CA called CareerGenerations. Her goal is to help people from every generation navigate their careers successfully. For more information, please see her complete bio at or email her at

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Palo Alto, CA 94303
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I really liked using Skillscan’s Career Driver Online. I liked how the system grouped skills and made career and class suggestions based on those skills. I took my students to the computer lab to take the assessment and it was helpful to work in a group because one student’s question helped other students. My students found it easy to use. During my student’s final presentation on their career action plan, they all talked about the Career Driver’s recommendations for their skills and how it would fit into to the job they wanted.