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Lesah Beckhusen, M.S.

Lesah is the President of SkillScan. She has worked with clients in a wide variety of environments including community colleges,outplacement firms, adult career centers, universities and held a private practice with a specialty in working with attorneys in transition for over ten years. She actively provides train-the-trainer programs to career counselors and coaches on how to maximize and integrate assessment results to help clients gain a holistic picture of their unique career preferences.

Lesah is an Associate Director at the University of California Berkeley’s Walter A. Haas School of Business where she works with MBA students in all aspects of career development(18 years) and concurrently manages her publishing and training business. She holds a BA in Psychology and MS in Counseling from San Diego State University.

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Career & Educational Publishing and Training Business
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Martinez, CA 94553
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Virtual & On Location
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toll free: 866-754-5504

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Career Driver Online provides a wealth of information and resources which I really think make this almost a "one stop shop" assessment. Including cursory "interest," "values" and "personality" assessments is great for folks eager to get going and have some ideas of directions to pursue. There's a wealth of information for follow-up and discussion, so that anyone about to "launch" and not sure of what to do next has validation and support for taking next steps.