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Kim Bilawchuk Career Coach

Your hours at work drag. You know you need a change, but feel stuck because you're not sure how to start making that change.
You've just graduated from college and have no idea what do to with your new degree. You can stay at the job you worked at during college (for a while anyway), but you don't really want to be there very long, and you certainly don't want to live with your parents (forever) either!
You aren't sure what you want to do to earn a living, but you know what you like doing and aren't sure if/how to make a career out of it.
People have always told you you'd make a great _________ (teacher/organizer/pet sitter/fill-in-the-blank). How do you even start to make that transition.
Maybe you know exactly what you want to do, but don't know how to get started.

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Kim Bilawchuk Career Coach
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Kim Bilawchuk Career Coach


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UC Berkeley—Berkeley, CA

  • Saw a lot of valuable information about myself. The cards worked really well.
  • Excellent tool to help discover myself.
  • Loved the "tarot" (Advance Pack) cards.