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Kathy Hardie-Williams, M.Ed, MS, NCC, LPC, LMFT

Knowing what makes you tick lays the groundwork to help you achieve your authentic life. Within each person there is passion. Failing to recognize what that passion is and use it denies a key part of who you are. It impacts everything: relationships, partner choices, and how you spend your time. Sometimes you need help learning to recognize what you know instinctively. Before you can understand someone else, you must know who you are and what you need. Learning how to listen to your gut and having the courage to follow where it leads enables you to get the life you want and deserve, and you deserve to live your best life.

I am a licensed teacher turned family therapist who specializes in counseling individuals, adolescents, couples, and families who are committed to owning their contribution to the problem while increasing the capacity to accept and tolerate differences in relationships. This is a process that must occur prior to increasing the emotional bond with others.

​ My clients tell me "I get it". My wealth of life experience enables me to identify the obstacles you face that keep you from embracing relationships that facilitate you in reaching your goals and achieving your full potential.

My objective in working with you is to help you identify what keeps you stuck in your personal and professional relationships with yourself and/or others. Being stuck prevents you from identifying the cause of the problem so that you can take ownership of it rather than having to resort to defensive tactics that are only a quick fix.

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Counselor/Coach (Independent or Private Practice)
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Private Practice
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Family Institute, P. C.


Tigard, OR 97223
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On Location
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Using the Advance Pack with students has been extremely effective. Helping students to look at what tasks they would actually be doing in a career has shown them the difference between occupations that they like the idea of versus occupations that truly reflect their interests and giftings. I have found SkillScan to be my most efficient assessment tool, giving the student a wealth of information in a short amount of time. Lesah has placed a number of valuable resources on the website, as well.