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Judy MacLaren - Career Coach

I am a Career Coach who helps clients utilize processes, tools, and resources to move smoothly through career and life transitions. I work with clients to conduct effective job searches, explore new career options, and manage transitions, including into retirement.

I act as a sounding board and accountability partner to help clients gain clarity on their search objectives and to create effective messaging for today’s job market.

I assist with the tactical pieces of improving the resume, enhancing social media profiles, preparing for interviews and evaluating offers.

I leverage a deep understanding of personality frameworks (MBTI, Keirsey’s Temperament Model, Beren’s Interaction Styles, and Nardi’s Neuroscience of Type) to help clients better understand their preferred communication styles, identify best fit career options, and analyze ineffective work behaviors.

As a Career Coach and Consultant with Lee Hecht Harrison from 2006 -2017, I assisted 2000+ clients, from Fortune 100 companies, with job and career transitions. I consistently earned high customer service rankings, effectively engaging clients from executive to professional levels, especially in the Tech and Financial Services sectors. I facilitated 3-5 workshops monthly on job search, career exploration, and retirement transition, as well as managed a caseload of 1:1 clients.

As an Associate at Practical Solutions Group from 2000-2009, I facilitated workshops and programs in management development, communication effectiveness, and customer service for tech, biotech, and government clients.

While completing my training at Coaches Training Institute, I started a coaching practice, Inspired Performance, in 2000, and continue to work with individual clients today.

I also hold a Certificate in Training and Human Resource Development from UC Santa Cruz Extension. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Francisco State University, earning a BS in Business Administration.

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Counselor/Coach (Independent or Private Practice)
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Private Practice


San Bruno, CA 94066
Work Arrangement: 
Virtual & On Location
Phone Number: 
(650) 516-7365

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I was delighted to recently give a SkillScan workshop at our office. We help unemployed and underemployed folks prepare for their job search. It was very easy to administer and I found it to be a useful tool to help articulate "transferable" skills. I was amazed to see levels of confidence and self esteem rise as we translated their past experiences into marketable skill sets. It served as a wonderful reminder to our clients that their skills are directly applicable to other jobs and in different industries.