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Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.

Considered an expert in career development, Judy Kaplan Baron has assisted thousands of people in entering, changing and developing their careers. For seven years, she served as Assistant Director of the America Online Career Center. She was recruited by and taught at the University of California, San Diego extension, in their Career Counseling Certificate Program. For over 25 years, Judy Kaplan Baron has been listed among the valuable resources in the best selling career development books, What Color Is Your Parachute? (Bolles) and Perfect Resume Strategies (Jackson). She is also a frequent speaker at national and international conventions for other career counseling and career development professionals. If you:

- need help with career development,

- are making a career or job change,

- need to learn to interview better,

- want to improve your job search success, or

- want help solving on-the-job issues, she can help!

Type of Organization: 
Private Practice
Organization Name: 
Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.


San Diego, CA 92121
Work Arrangement: 
On Location
Phone Number: 
858 558-7400

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