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Jan Johnston-Tyler, MA

EvoLibri Consulting provides comprehensive career, vocational, job preparation and development, social skills and activities, and psychotherapy services for neurodiverse teens and adults -- those with ADHD, mood/anxiety disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, learning disabilities, and other non-cognitively impairing life challanges. We are now in our seventh year, and have served nearly 400 clients and their families. We are a Department of Rehabilitation vendor for all 13 SF Bay Area counties, and contract with local school districts and non-profits.

Type of Organization: 
Private Practice
Community Agency
Organization Name: 
EvoLibri Consulting


Santa Clara, CA 95051
Work Arrangement: 
Virtual & On Location
Phone Number: 
408 735-7990

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Saint Mary's College of California—Moraga, CA

SkillScan is one of the most useful assessments that we use. It helps build self-esteem by acknowledging that students already have many skills.