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Emily Steliotes, MS

As an independent career coach at College Iris, Emily works with young professionals to clarify their career goals, identify relevant opportunities, develop key professional skills, and market themselves effectively so that they can begin to build meaningful and fulfilling careers.

For the past two years, Emily has also been a career development instructor for first year and transfer students at the University of California, Davis. In this role, Emily has spent thousands of hours helping hundreds of college students choose majors, explore career options, develop professional resumes/cover letters/LinkedIn profiles, and get the jobs or internships they wanted. She has also advised and mentored several students during the graduate school application process.

Emily has successfully completed the Facilitating Career Development Training, offered by the National Career Development Association, as well as the SkillScan Drive and Express Certification.

*All of her sessions are held remotely via Zoom.*

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College Iris


Davis, CA 95616
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