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Elayne Chou, Ph.D.

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In 15 years of professional experience, I have successfully coached and counseled hundreds of individuals on personal and professional growth issues. My educational background is in counseling psychology, with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, and a master’s and Ph.D. from the Ohio State University.

I have worked in a variety of settings. These include university counseling centers, most recently at UC-Berkeley, and as a program director at a community mental health center. Through my affiliation with Leadership Alliance, Inc., ( I also work with managers, directors, and C-level executives at organizations large and small around the world, providing talent management solutions that include pre-hiring assessment, teambuilding, communications training, and executive coaching. I serve on the Advisory Board for PACT, an adoption education and placement organization in Oakland, California. For more information, see my website at

Career services I offer:

• Assessments for Career Direction and Career Development
Career-related assessments allow my clients to have an objective view of their strengths and options. The assessment process provides valuable data and/or feedback so that you will feel more confident and clear about your career direction and goals. I will gather information about you and your work history, as well as your life goals. Understanding who you are as a whole person is critical to helping you integrate career and life goals. We will then decide which assessments will be most useful for providing helpful information, whether you are seeking to learn more about your personality, leadership qualities, career interests, skills, needs, values, or motivators. We can also gather 360 data that can be used to guide your career and skill development goals. I am qualified and experienced in administering and interpreting the most effective tests for career-related assessment and can offer tests in multiple languages. These assessments include:
o Myers-Briggs Type Inventory
o Strong Interest Inventory
o SkillScan
o California Personality Inventory
o Wonderlic
o Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal
o Personality Research Form-E
o Numerical Critical Reasoning

• Career Coaching and Counseling
I provide confidential, one-on-one sessions to help you with your career issues and goals. These sessions can be used to help you explore options for making a career change, brainstorm ways to help you overcome fears or other obstacles to making changes, learn how to network, prepare for informational interviews or job interviews, or develop your career management skills and competencies. Some of the career management skills I have helped people develop include:
o Networking and Relationship-Building
o Communication, Presentation, and Listening
o Influencing and Organizational Savvy
o Managing Employees
o Team Leadership
o Managing Workplace Conflict

• Organizational Consulting on Career Development Topics
I am available to work with organizations on your employee career development needs. I am an experienced workshop trainer and facilitator, having worked with organizations of all sizes – from small non-profits to large government, educational, and corporate clients. A sample of the workshops and programs I have designed and delivered include:
o Introduction to Career Development Planning
o Enhancing Communication and Feedback Effectiveness
o Managing a Diverse Workforce
o Coaching & Mentoring Employees for Career Development
o Parents Returning to the Workforce: Managing Work/Life Balance
o Why You’re Perfect for Networking as an Introvert: Secrets to Tapping Your Strengths
o Emotional Intelligence for Your Career
o Using the Myers-Briggs to Understand Personality’s Impact on Career Development
o Career Values & Skills Assessment

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Private Practice
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Elayne Chou Career Counseling & Consulting Services


Berkeley, CA 94708
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Virtual & On Location
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